Why MSR Solutions? Why choose us?

The answer is simple. The creation of MSR Solutions was in direct response to clients seeking personal and informed solutions to their sewer and water needs. We understand this can be the most expensive component of development costs and how expensive refurbishing dated systems can be. At MSR, we also have extensive experience working with remote and small communities and we understand the unique challenges they face.

Full-Service Firm

With MSR Solutions Inc., you get a full-service consulting engineering firm that provides water supply and treatment design, wastewater treatment and disposal design, stormwater management design, construction engineering, environmental, permitting, inspection, research and development services.

At MSR Solutions, our team is continually seeking cost-effective and innovative ways to meet our clients’ needs. We develop methods and services carefully targeted at meeting the specified requirements.

The MSR team works closely with our clients to provide engineering services to meet specific needs of the client as it relates to water and sewer. Our team follows a hands-on approach. We work closely with our client’s operators to ensure we can supply the most appropriate vendor-supplied equipment from the multiple choices available in the market. And we do it while meeting regulatory requirements. We’ll select the appropriate technology and robust and reliable equipment to meet your needs.

At MSR Solutions we ensure the equipment selected provides reliable and consistent operation and is operator-friendly. The team at MSR values the working relationships we have with our equipment suppliers. This provides consistency and it also ensures we meet all site-specific needs.

Why MSR Solutions? Because you know we are the best fit for you and your project.

“We have worked with MSR on various projects on Vancouver Island for about five years now. MSR Solutions pays attention to our needs and works with us and within our budgets. Mike Seymour help us navigate the regulatory approval process and speaks for us when we needed. He does it in such a way that it makes everyone’s job easier.” Mike Baier, The Limona Group