Wild Coast Cottages

MSR Solutions Inc. was retained to provide engineering services for the roads, underground utilities and wastewater treatment design works for the development. Over half of the units have been constructed with the remaining units along with the associated infrastructure being constructed currently. Works are ongoing with a phased approach.

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Maracaibo Estates

Maracaibo Estates on Salt Spring Island   [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="4" gal_title="Marcaibo"] Maracaibo Estates on Saltspring Island currently has 85 strata owners and subdivided lots to add nine more additional small lots.…

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Osprey Landing, Wardner, BC
An advanced secondary treatment system with disposal to Rapid Infiltration Basins

Osprey Landing, Wardner, BC

Osprey Landing, Wardner, BC Osprey Landing was an advanced secondary treatment system in an 81-home recreational development in Wardner, BC. The treatment plant included design and commissioning of Rapid Infiltration Basins.…

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664 Rockingham Road

664 Rockingham Road 664 Rockingham Road is a 5-lot subdivision. MSR Solutions provided Civil Site Servicing for the developer. The site was steep and rocky. The new access road had…

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