Camosun College Visit 2018

Camosun College Visit 2018

We had an excellent visit to Camosun College in Victoria, BC, and listened and observed four presentations:

  • Photographic Survey to Estimate Population of Black Tailed Deer in Esquimalt – Liam Guy, Jordana Herron and Kevin Pons
  • Growing Sphagnum Moss in Vitro – Isaac Dekker, Joey Mercer, Victoria Morgan
  • Long Term Monitoring Plots within the CRD Water Supply – Jay Harnish, Aaron Pichechero, Alex Yada
  • Assessment of Olympia Oyster on the Craigflower Bridge – Rebecca Golat, Karac Lindsay, Chelsey Mercer

Each of the presentations was well prepared and articulated to the audience.  The students exhibited a high level of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter of their presentations. Each group presented a slide show and led a discussion that was informative and entertaining. Their ability to respond to questions with good answers and share in the answers between team members showed great teamwork.  This is a great indication of the level of education provided by the Camosun instructors and bodes well for the future of the environmental program.

In was a tough decision; as all teams were well prepared and had great presentations.  Eric, Colwyn, and I, determined the winner was the presentation on the Olympia Oyster by Rebecca, Karac and Chelsey. They were awarded with a prize from BCWWA.

It was a pleasure taking part in this great event.

Mike Seymour