Congratulations Matt Gable, AScT.

We are happy to announce that MSR’s Matt Gable is now Matt Gable, AScT. Matt received his certification as an Applied Science Technologist from ASTTBC following validation of his more than three years of practical experience beyond his diploma from Camosun College. Matt has proven his skills time and again in his employment with MSR Solutions Inc. He started out in our drafting department, as support for the engineering staff. He quickly proved adept at his presentation skills. Matt provides high quality design drawings to support our various projects and clients.

As his skills improved, Matt took his knowledge into the field. He started with works such as logging test pits for soil condition assessments and percolation testing. He then advanced to designing onsite wastewater disposal systems for review by our senior staff. Matt’s work under the Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) and the Municipal Wastewater Regulation (MWR) have shown an increased knowledge, maturity and advanced skills.

Our clients have and continue to benefit from his skills. Matt continues to improve and support our works both in the design stage, and through engineering construction services. We are happy that Matt has chosen to be a part of the MSR team. He is certainly ready to be a part of any new onsite wastewater and water system. Feel free to reach out to MSR Solutions Inc. and let us know how we can best serve you.

Matt Gable, AScT, MSR Solutions Inc.
Matt Gable, AScT
MSR Solutions Inc.