Meet Our New General Manager

Michael Day Appointed as General Manager of MSR Solutions Inc.

Mike Seymour, President of MSR Solutions Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Day, BA Sc, P.Eng., as MSR’s new General Manager.

“Michael Day has been with MSR since early 2018 and has extensive experience and expertise in operations management, including many years as Manager of Operations at the Resort Municipality of Whistler,” said Seymour. “His skill as the integrator at MSR has been invaluable in the company’s successes over the past year.”

For his duties as General Manager, Day will oversee operations and ensure the success of the MSR team and client projects. He will divide his time between the office and meeting with clients at project sites. Day will then review the progress of the projects and receive feedback on MSR Solution’s efforts.

From Senior Consulting Engineer to General Manager

“As MSR’s senior consulting engineer, Michael came to us with extensive experience and skill in operations management, infrastructure planning, project management, process optimization, and quality assurance. He also has experience with standards and by-law development,” said Seymour. “His experience with a broad variety of issues, including industry policy and regulation, municipal by-law and policy challenges, and energy efficiency, is a great benefit to MSR Solutions and its clients. He was the perfect choice for General Manager.”

Day has worked across Canada in various water sectors, including storm water, waste water collection and treatment, drinking water supply and distribution. His experience with associated technologies and processes from SCADA and control, to disinfection, biological treatment, and GHG reductions.

“With Michael in place as General Manager, this offers me the opportunity to step out of the day to day operations of MSR,” said Seymour. “I can now devote more time on our client relations and company vision.”

Michael Day, MSR Solutions
Michael Day, B. A. Sc., P. Eng.
General Manager, MSR Solutions Inc.

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