Below are some of the projects we’ve been a part of for Operations and Maintenance.

Fairway Market loading dock area with the Type II Oil Interceptor and a EcoBloc Stormwater management system

Stormwater Management System for Fairway

MSR Solutions was first contacted by Canreal Management in January 2020. The loading dock at the Fairway market experienced prolonged flooding after three days of rain with approximately 44 mm of rainfall. The market is located in the Langford Centre shopping plaza at 776 Goldstream Avenue in Langford, BC. The loading dock is at the ...
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Wastewater disposal system treatment upgrades at Nanaimo Regional Airport

Onsite Wastewater System Upgrade: Nanaimo Regional Airport

The Nanaimo Airport Commission (NAC) operates the Nanaimo Regional Airport. They have their own wastewater treatment and disposal on-site. NAC determined the wastewater system was in need of improvements. Odour concerns and increasing operational demands could impact regulatory compliance. A rapid increase in passenger demand in recent years also warranted an analysis of the capacity ...
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grey water reclamation by MSR Solutions

Grey Water Treatment: Croftonbrook Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Croftonbook project is now underway. MSR Solutions Inc. is currently providing a review of the proposed grey water treatment and reuse system for Phase 2 of the Croftonbrook facilities on Salt Spring Island. They are also looking at capturing rainwater as an alternative water supply. Grey Water and Water Conservation Potable ...
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MSR Solutions, Spirit Bay, BC

Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay – Vancouver Island The design of the Spirit Bay, Sunset Point subdivision is now well underway by MSR Solutions.  As part of the design review, we attend the monthly open house with the developer and guests. We are part of ensuring this unique vision comes to life. We listen to potential residents on ...
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Clayquot Wilderness Resort, MSR Solutions Inc.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

The owners of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Bedwell Sound approached MSR Solutions early in 2018. MSR did an assessment on one of their wastewater treatment system, a rotating biological contactor (RBC). There were several components that were not functioning properly. MSR Solutions identified those and with the site staff, coordinated the procurement of spares and ...
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Mara Sands water treatment project

Mara Sands Water Treatment

Mara Sands Water Treatment Plant MSR Solutions accepted the task of designing a water treatment system for a 19-home vacation strata next to Mara Lake. Mara Sands water treatment gets its water from a groundwater well that provides water to the strata. It was found to be susceptible to contamination from surface water. MSR Solutions ...
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Cottages on Osoyoos Lake, MSR Solutions Inc.

Cottages on Osoyoos Lake, Oliver, BC

Cottages on Osoyoos Lake is a 300-home residential development on Osoyoos Lake. We were retained to design a water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant co-housed in a single treatment building and obtained approval from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). Wastewater works include screening, equalization, ...
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MSR Solutions, Osprey Landing

Osprey Landing, Wardner, BC

Osprey Landing, Wardner, BC Osprey Landing was an advanced secondary treatment system in an 81-home recreational development in Wardner, BC. The treatment plant included design and commissioning of Rapid Infiltration Basins. After construction of the treatment plant was completed, the development was put on hold. Once the development resumed, MSR Solutions provided guidance for reinstating the ...
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