Port Browning Marina Resort

Port Browning Marina Resort

Port Browning Marine Resort, Pender Island, MSR Solutions Inc.The Port Browning Marina Resort is located on North Pender Island in British Columbia. It includes a restaurant, marina, and campground. The water source for the facility is a small, upland pond about 1 km uphill. The water in the pond contains moderate levels of iron, manganese and tannins. All of these present an aesthetic challenge.

MSR Solutions used a series of media filters, tannin filtration and greensand. Treatment consisted of a series of media filters, oxidation of the metals with permanganate, ultraviolet disinfection, and chlorination. We achieved high water clarity prior to disinfection using UV light.

The water treatment process at Port Browning Marina Resort operates  day and night to supply an appropriately sized reservoir. This reservoir is maintained at a minimal chlorine residual. This ensures clear, clean water throughout the resort.

MSR Solutions facilitated system upgrades, and continues to work with the resort to provide ongoing operational support.





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