This Stonebridge Wastewater Treatment project is an ongoing project of MSR Solutions. We work closely with the Limona Group on the Stonebridge Development in Mill Bay, BC. MSR provides sewer servicing and treatment for this expanding development.

The project started with MSR providing designs for advanced secondary treatment with reclaimed water use. Then, MSR Solutions conducted field investigations to assess the condition of existing facilities on site. We obtained baseline water quality data within the watershed. This was used as part of an environmental impact assessment to support a Registration under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation. Then, MSR worked with the developer to provide phased servicing, in addition to a treatment strategy to fit the financial needs of this expanding development.

Twenty-Year Community Plan

In the process of working with Limona Group on the Stonebridge development, MSR created a community wastewater treatment solution for Mill Bay. The CVRD received a grant because of this work. They are now pursuing the design and approvals as suggested by MSR Solutions. This is a twenty-year development project. MSR is proud to be a part of it and will assist the developer through all stages of wastewater treatment and land development.

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