Table and Haggen Camps

Table and Haggen Camps

These two projects are located outside of Prince George, BC, down forest service roads. MSR Solutions was hired by Canfor and the installer, West Kootenay Septic Solutions (WKSS). We designed a wastewater treatment system to service a 50 person remote camp to act as a home base for the surrounding area to be logged. The camp facilities include: bathrooms, showers, laundry and kitchens.

Matt Gable, who was the project designer and drafting designer, went out to each respective site to investigate the camp areas. Test pits and percolation tests were conducted to determine the soil characteristics and a suitable location for the disposal field. Due to the remoteness of the camp, the client wanted the system to be simple to use with low maintenance requirements. To meet this request, a gravity fed Type 1 septic system was designed and installed to service the camp.

The client had plans to possibly increase the camp from 50 to 70 workers so MSR provided provisions for the system to be increased in capacity if need be.  The disposal field and septic tanks were designed so that it would be easy to expand the fields and add additional septic tanks. Areas for future equipment were also provided in the design and installation. Both systems have now been installed and Letter of Certifications have been submitted to the Health Authority for both camps.

MSR has a long history with Canfor and WKSS on many past and present projects because we have provided cost effective and robust systems that satisfies the client as well as the installers.  MSR has been pleased to have work both of them and will continue to work with them in the future projects to come.

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