Build a Bike – Team Building

Build a Bike – Team Building

There’s nothing like a team building exercise to unite people. Unless of course that team building exercise also results in a donation that makes many people happy.

MSR Solutions recently completed their Teamwork and Creative Thinking Sessions with Sara Wegwitz from Tailor Making Health. They also had expert bike mechanic support from Simon at Cycles West to ensure a successful result. At the end of the day the team had built two awesome bikes that were donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Victoria through Beth Diprose.

“We had a blast and spread a little grease around the office,” said CEO, Mike Seymour. “We made sure to do test drives to ensure the bikes were rideable. Simon from Cycles West made sure they were safe before they were donated.  

Two lucky children from the Brentwood, BC area will receive the bikes.

“A big thank you to the team at MSR, who made this so much fun,” said Seymour. “And of course to Simon for his guidance and oversight, to Beth for finding a wonderful home for the bikes, and to Sara, perhaps the most awesome performance and mental fitness coach around.”

Exercises like these are what make the team at MSR Solutions great.

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