Mike Seymour recently returned from the Water Environment Federation Conference (WEFTEC 18) in New Orleans in early October. The show consisted of various presentations by experts, as well as a trade show. Mike attended a one-day conference on water reuse technologies both in operation and proposed. These deal with at least low pressure ultrafine membranes used in sewage treatment Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) treatment modules, up to and including Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems where removal of salts was also required. Some great examples were shown, and included UV disinfection for the removal of viruses. This supports a number of reuse systems we have installed over the past few years.

In addition to a number of the paper presentations, Mike spent two days on the trade show floor meeting with local representatives, and their suppliers.  This provided MSR with an opportunity to consider existing technologies. He also obtained a better understanding of the new technologies and how they would fit into existing MSR systems.

One of the great takeaways from WEFTEC came from the membrane show. Mike had the opportunity to review the workings of various membrane systems and improvements to the aeration systems which support better scouring and cleaning techniques. He also learned about improvements in energy consumption for operating the blowers. This is valuable learning for current designs of MBR systems underway at MSR.

Mike also had the opportunity to review a number of UV disinfection systems and found an advancement by one of the major UV suppliers. They offer an open channel flow optimized for small flow sewage discharges. This will provide considerable capital and maintenance cost savings on a number of our projects, with minimal impact to the level of disinfection provided.

Mike was fortunate on this trip to also meet up with five directors from the BC Water and Waste Association (BCWWA) and attend the WEF member association meetings. It wasn’t all work, they also got out to enjoy an evening in the French Quarter trying local cuisine and taking in some great jazz.

WEFtec 2018 MSR Solutions