MSR Solutions Inc. is here to be part of your team. We provide you with innovative engineering services and design for your water, wastewater treatment and land development needs. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, our clients work on many types of undertakings. We’ve worked with everyone from golf course owners to private land development to government projects. You’ll find our projects on Vancouver Island,  the Gulf Islands, the Lower Mainland, the Interior of BC and beyond.

Since 2009, MSR Solutions have guided developers and governments in almost 400 projects. Some of these projects included environmental impact studies, residential developments, tourism developments and resorts. We also work on infrastructures for drinking and wastewater treatment systems. MSR Solutions is here to provide you with design services and guidance through regulatory approvals and construction. This helps ensure all your projects are successfully implemented.

Innovative Engineering Services, water, wastewater treatment, MSR

The team at MSR Solutions continuously updates their knowledge thereby ensuring you get the most up to date information available on products and technology. Many of our clients are in remote or small communities. Our team assists them, as we do all our clients, in finding cost-effective and efficient ways to complete their projects. We understand how prohibitive costs can be at times and therefore seek the best solutions for the right price. We’d be happy to come to meet with you at your project site and discuss your project needs.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact us directly.

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