This is the amazing team that gives their all and makes MSR Solutions the success story it is today.

Team MSR Solutions Inc.

Mike Seymour, Founder, MSR Solutions Inc.

Mike Seymour, AScT, Eng.L., Principal

Mike Seymour is the owner and principal of MSR Solutions. He has extensive knowledge in innovative sewer and water solutions which he’s developed since his start in engineering in 1985. Mike continues to be involved in the design, implementation and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems throughout BC, Alberta and California. He brings a thorough understanding of the integration of the water cycle, including supply, usage, treatment and return to the environment. He understands how the interaction of all systems can offer cost savings through development of decentralized facilities.

His motto is: Retention of both clients and employees is at the top of my priority list. That, and having an absolute blast doing what we do in the engineering world.

Here’s a podcast about Mike, MSR, how he grew his business and how he built a great team.

Todd Adamsson, MSR Solutions Team

Todd Adamsson, P.Eng., M.Sc.Eng., Senior Project Manager

Todd has a pragmatic approach to design through considerable experience building, operating, and troubleshooting a wide range of water treatment systems. Once he’d completed his master’s degree in soil bioremediation, he designed recirculating fish hatcheries, working with high volume, low head technologies. He then joined a startup company developing a water treatment technology based on electrocoagulation, and operated pilot systems at a municipal sewage treatment plant. Before joining the MSR Solutions team, Todd worked for engineering consulting companies, including a multinational firm and a family business. He then created Aquarius Engineering, which he operated until joining MSR Solutions in the spring of 2017.

Todd’s expertise is in wastewater treatment systems for aquaculture and food processing. Other expertise includes: oil and gas, manufacturing and domestic sewage. He also specializes in potable water systems. He uses a gamut of sources including rainwater, groundwater, surface water and sea water.

Todd has enjoyed many sailing adventures locally as well as on both sides of the Atlantic. He is also an avid mountain biker.

Karl Willaume, MSR Solutions Team

Karl Williaume, P.Eng

Karl is a professional engineer registered with EGBC with a decade of engineering experience in fast-paced environments. He obtained his B.Eng in Environmental Engineering at the University of Guelph.

Karl relocated to western Canada upon graduation. His primary areas of expertise are in water and wastewater treatment and conveyance, with additional experience in land development, stormwater management, aquaculture and contaminated site remediation. He maintains a healthy balance of field work and office work. The practical knowledge he has gained in the field serves him to better inform his engineering designs.

During his spare time he is an avid surfer and also enjoys paddling, hiking and fishing. He’s a Juno-nominated musician and still plays weekend gigs and summer festivals.

Kostas Velegrino – EIT, Engineer in Training

Kostas has joined MSR Solutions based on his background in hydro-geology and geothermal to complement our ground disposal assessment capabilities and to support our growth in District Energy systems.

His professional experience started in Greece where the utilization of renewable energy was mainly focused in wind and solar energy but not in the direct use of geothermal. There he conducted his first environmental impact assessments and he eventually was getting his feet in construction management. His interest in geothermal energy was continuous and few years later he went in Iceland to receive training in geothermal exploration. Later he received additional training in resource management, watershed management and environmental technology. In Canada he received training in groundwater hydrology and groundwater modelling at the University of Manitoba. He mainly worked as a consultant for Geothermal energy and for Solid Waste Treatment projects.

Audra Miller, MSR Solutions

Audra Miller, Designer

Audra is a piping designer with over 20 years of successful and progressive experience working in 3D and 2D piping design. She is committed to personal and professional development, and furthered her qualifications by taking night classes and online training. She works collaboratively with engineering to provide engineering design following MMCD, building codes and regulatory requirements, for the health and safety of the community.

Audra provides drafting support for design drawing of drinking water systems, water treatment building, rainwater harvesting system, wastewater treatment and disposal design.

She enjoys cooking, spending time with family and taking long walks along the beach.

Matt Gable, MSR Solutions Team

Matt Gable, Applied Science Technologist

Matt has been working with MSR since March 2016. He started as a Junior Civil Engineering Technologist and received his AScT in March of 2019. Matt’s job duties are mainly focused around the design of small to medium wastewater treatment systems under the Sewerage System Regulation as well as underground civil utilities. He believes that working at a company like MSR has allowed him to become well-rounded in many different aspects of civil engineering. He says this has made his time working at MSR very enjoyable.

Matt has returned to school and we will see him back here after he completes his studies. During his spare time he likes to do outdoor activities like hiking and skateboarding.

Danielle Wilkinson, MSR Solutions Team

Danielle Wilkinson – Senior Admin

Danielle is Island-born and attended Camosun college. Prior to working at MSR Solutions she was an administrative assistant and co-ordinator to the VP for BC & the Yukon for the Red Cross, and a property manager. One of Danielle’s many talents is her ability to establish priorities and maintain them as she supports the team. This skill is much needed in a busy office like MSR Solutions. Danielle continues to expand her expertise through courses at Camosun College in Victoria. She’s a whiz on the computer and also has certificates in First Aid, CPR and Pool Operation.

Outside of the office, she loves spending time with her family, and relaxes through painting, yoga, hiking, video games and reading.

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