The moment you step out of urban environments you’ll find onsite sewage disposal systems are in wide use throughout BC. The Capital Regional District (CRD), the Saanich Peninsula, and western communities all the way to Port Renfrew rely on onsite sewage disposal. There are many methods to discharge effluent from the treatment system into the environment. These include gravity dispersal, shallow drip dispersal and raised sand mounds to provide a vertical separation for adequate removal of remaining pathogens.

Summertime is the best time to inspect your field

Generally, summertime is an excellent opportunity to see the outline of your disposal field and to gauge the performance of your onsite sewage disposal system. It’s then when surrounding grass areas turn brown from lack of summertime precipitation. Take this opportunity to inspect the condition of your disposal field. Are there any areas which are noticeably more damp than others? This can be as little as excessive growth of grass, to surfacing of water like a puddle. A broken pipe could be the problem in more serious cases, as water floods the field each time a pump cycle occurs. This is the time to call a service provider for repairs.

You can complete minor repairs with little fuss and get your system operational again with little impact. Opportunities for further inspection and potentially flushing of the disposal laterals may be considered in conjunction with the service provider. When was the last time your septic tank was pumped? The septic tank is designed to settle solids and provide slow treatment and breakdown. This creates a sludge settling on the bottom of the tank and as it rises, the treatment capacity of the septic tank diminishes. A good operating system should be pumped every 3 to 5 years. More frequently if there is high usage of the system.

Watch for plant growth patterns

An onsite community disposal field.

As noted in the photographs, the first system is obvious as that is where the vegetation grows. The field is in good condition, and the field is the only source of moisture at this time, hence the growth. The second photograph is from a wetter community and you can still see the disposal laterals. This field is in good condition, and routine maintenance ensures a reasonable operating life for the system.

Septic Field in Port Renfrew, BC.

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