Land Development - Maricabo EstatesAt MSR Solutions, we have a wealth of experience working with land development clients throughout British Columbia. We provide comprehensive land development solutions that meet the requirements of all levels of government. With careful attention to detail we ensure that no aspects are overlooked. This gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that the land development process is being managed in an organized, cost-effective manner.

Our land development projects page has some of the projects we have worked on over the years.

Development Consultation

We engage with clients early in the development process to identify the scope of requirements for their proposed development. This allows clients to understand critical costs and milestones and to formulate a clear path forward for bringing their project to completion.

Development Approvals

We engage with local, regional and provincial governments throughout the development process to ensure that all required permits are obtained and that all regulatory requirements are met.

Site Planning

We foster a collaborative relationship with clients, facilitating a creative approach to site planning. By accurately quantifying technical constraints we enable clients to maximize the potential of their developments.

Preliminary Site Assessment

Our experienced team of engineers and field technicians are adept at assessing sites to identify constraints that will influence the scope and layout of the development and associated infrastructure.

Engineering Site Review

We provide engineering site review services throughout the process of design, construction, commissioning, and operations. We pride ourselves in utilizing our practical, hands-on knowledge to provide cost effective solutions with enhanced operability.

Road Design

As part of a comprehensive land development package we provide road design services in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Storm Water Management

Our in-house storm water management specialists are adept at providing comprehensive solutions to meet regulatory requirements for land development projects, taking pride in ensuring that development activities have minimal impact on surrounding watersheds.

Community Infrastructure

We provide strategic planning services to help communities identify their long-term infrastructure needs and to formulate strategies and budgets to ensure they meet their current and future needs.

Project Management

Our team has a wealth of experience providing project management services for municipal infrastructure projects, working actively with other trades and disciplines to ensure things remain on track and on budget.

Municipal Infrastructure Design and Upgrades

To support land development activities we provide design services for necessary upgrades to municipal infrastructure, including water and wastewater treatment and conveyance infrastructure.

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