Malahat Forest Estates

by | Apr 12, 2019 | news, Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment

You’ll find Malahat Forest Estates on a picturesque mountain above the Malahat (HWY 1) on Vancouver Island. The first phase of the development is for 18 homes, three of which are acreages. In total, 84 new homes planned for the development. MSR Solutions was brought in to assist with wastewater treatment and water treatment.

Ownership and operation of the utilities will be by the Cowichan Valley Regional District. (CVRD). The utilities have been commissioned and accepted by CVRD Operations. CVRD Engineering sign off for the removal of a No Build covenant was conditional on commissioning of the water and sewer utilities.

Wastewater Treatment

MSR Solutions reviewed the original design for Malahat Forest Estates and updated the design to include and service the first 18 homes.

  • MSR submitted a Sewerage System Regulation filing for the treatment and disposal system.
  • Supply and delivery of the mechanical components of the Membrane BioReactor (MBR) system was coordinated by MSR Solutions.
  • Three effluent disposal fields were constructed.
  • MSR Solutions conducted field reviews during installation of the treatment plant and disposal fields.
  • MSR Solutions conducted system testing, sensor calibration, and final commissioning.

Water Treatment

  • The water system had been substantially completed in 2014.
  • MSR tested and commissioned the system, including disinfection of the treatment and distribution systems, calibrating sensors, and programming the monitoring system.