Below are some of the projects we’ve been a part of for Wastewater Treatment.

Queenswood Wastewater Treatment upgrade photo

Subdivided Strata: Queenswood Wastewater Treatment

MSR Solutions upgraded the wastewater treatment and disposal system in the 2600 block of Queenswood Drive in Saanich. The 0.93-hectare property is now subdivided into two strata lots: Strata Lot A and B. Strata Lot A covers 0.34 hectares of the divided property and has a five-bedroom house under construction. The house will require a ...
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water treatment by MSR Solutions, the Root, Beddis Road.

The Root, Beddis Road, Salt Spring

MSR came in to create an onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system for a new project. The Root facilities are at 189 Beddis Road on Salt Spring Island. A commercial kitchen and living residence will provide an estimated Daily Design Flow of 2560 L/d. The proposed treatment system consisted of extended primary treatment and secondary ...
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Echo Drive, Prospect Lake, upgrade to residential wastewater treatment

Prospect Lake: Upgrade to residential wastewater treatment

MSR Solutions was ask to assist in a residential wastewater treatment project at 5010 Echo Drive in Saanich, BC. This 0.3 ha residential property sits on the east edge of Prospect Lake in Saanich, BC. Development planned for 5010 Echo Drive increases the number of bedrooms on the property. This addition will increase the number ...
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Land shot of New FIrCrest Water Treatment project

FirCrest Water Treatment System

Fircrest RV Resort retained the services of MSR Solutions to provide recommendation for a water system leading to the design and construction of the facilities and to obtain a Temporary Use Permit or TUP.  Fircrest Lakeside RV Resort lies approximately 7.5 Km northwest of Lac La Hache, BC on Highway 97 North in the Cariboo ...
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Doing What We Do Best

While the world is dealing with the pandemic, we at MSR Solutions continue to perform services for our clients. We do so by acknowledging and adhering to the protocols put into place. Measuring and Testing That being said, we thought you’d like to see what we’ve been up to over the past month or so. ...
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Wastewater disposal system treatment upgrades at Nanaimo Regional Airport

Onsite Wastewater System Upgrade: Nanaimo Regional Airport

The Nanaimo Airport Commission (NAC) operates the Nanaimo Regional Airport. They have their own wastewater treatment and disposal on-site. NAC determined the wastewater system was in need of improvements. Odour concerns and increasing operational demands could impact regulatory compliance. A rapid increase in passenger demand in recent years also warranted an analysis of the capacity ...
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grey water reclamation by MSR Solutions

Grey Water Treatment: Croftonbrook Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Croftonbook project is now underway. MSR Solutions Inc. is currently providing a review of the proposed grey water treatment and reuse system for Phase 2 of the Croftonbrook facilities on Salt Spring Island. They are also looking at capturing rainwater as an alternative water supply. Grey Water and Water Conservation Potable ...
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Millstream Industrial Park, MSR Solutions Septic Project, Onsite Sewage System concrete septic tanks

Onsite Sewage System: Millstream Industrial Park

Millstream Industrial Park hired MSR Solutions Inc. (MSRS) to provide engineering services pertaining to the onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system for 790 Industrial Way. Daily flows for the facility will be less than 22,700 L/d (5,000 Imp gpd). The design and operation of the facility is governed by the Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) under ...
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waste water, drinking water treatment equipment at Clayoquot Sound

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Update

Below is an update on Clayoquot Resort sewage and water repairs. The wastewater system/water treatment servicing the guest accommodation area was filed under the Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) in in 2011. The treatment system was assessed by MSR Solutions Inc., in May 2018. Most of the deficiencies identified have since been repaired. The assessment identified ...
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Solutions for Small Water Purveyors

Small Water Purveyor Solutions

The Regional District of Nanaimo held their annual Water Purveyor Working Group (WPWG) workshop on Thursday January 30, 2020. MSR’s Todd Adamsson and Karl WIlliaume were on hand to give a presentation on leak detection/water theft and grant opportunities. The WPWG aims to assist small water purveyors by providing networking and educational opportunities. As MSR ...
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Septic Field in Port Renfrew, BC, Onsite sewage disposal

Septic Awareness Week

The WCOWMA Onsite Wastewater Management of BC (WCOWMA-BC) reminds all of you that September 16 to 20, 2019 is Septic Awareness Week. Here is an outline at what to do and what not to do if you have a septic system. Septic Dos Have a ROWP maintenance provider confirm or develop a maintenance plan specific ...
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Spirit Bay Development, Sunset Point, Curb Installation, MSR Solutions

Spirit Bay: Sunset Point

Spirit Bay, located on the southwest tip of Vancouver Island, is bustling with activity. Civil works is now underway with a new extension of the subdivision called Sunset Point and MSR is there to assist with curbs and road slopes. To date, MSR Solutions has overseen the installation of underground utilities to Sunset Point, including ...
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Malahat Forest Estates, Wastewater and Water Treatment, MSR Solutions Inc.

Malahat Forest Estates

You’ll find Malahat Forest Estates on a picturesque mountain above the Malahat (HWY 1) on Vancouver Island. The first phase of the development is for 18 homes, three of which are acreages. In total, 84 new homes planned for the development. MSR Solutions was brought in to assist with wastewater treatment and water treatment. Ownership ...
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Donovan Avenue Strata Development, Wastewater Treatment and Disposal, MSR Solutions Inc.

Donovan Strata Wastewater Treatment

Donovan Avenue is an 8-lot strata subdivision under construction within the city of Colwood, BC. Tycor Developments retained MSR Solutions to design services for an onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system servicing the strata. We began the design process by conducting a site assessment, consisting of soils analysis and percolation testing. MSR then worked in ...
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Aspengrove Athletic Centre, Lantzville, Wastewater Treatment, MSR Solutions Inc.

Aspengrove School Athletic Centre

Located in Lantzville (BC), Aspengrove School is a private K-12 school, including a pre-school daycare centre. The school is constructing an athletic centre and as the architectural drawing provided by the client show, it will be located within the school lot and will have toilets and showers. MSR Solutions Inc. is working with the Aspengrove ...
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MSR Solutions, Spirit Bay, BC

Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay – Vancouver Island The design of the Spirit Bay, Sunset Point subdivision is now well underway by MSR Solutions.  As part of the design review, we attend the monthly open house with the developer and guests. We are part of ensuring this unique vision comes to life. We listen to potential residents on ...
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Wastewater, Septic, MSR Solutions Inc.

Dickerson Place

Dickerson Place is property located in Colwood, BC. MSR was contacted by the owners of the property to provide engineering consultation for the subdivision of their property into two separate lots. MSR will help with the investigation of and upgrades to the existing wastewater treatment system as well as provide a design for the new ...
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Canfor Camp Table and Haggen, MSR Solutions Inc. Wastewater Treatment

Table and Haggen Camps

These two projects are located outside of Prince George, BC, down forest service roads. MSR Solutions was hired by Canfor and the installer, West Kootenay Septic Solutions (WKSS). We designed a wastewater treatment system to service a 50 person remote camp to act as a home base for the surrounding area to be logged. The ...
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Canfor Tumuch Camp, Wastewater Treatment, MSR Solutions Inc.

Canfor Tumuch Camp Upgrades

This project is located outside of Prince George, BC near Tumuch Lake.  MSR Solutions was hired by Canfor and the installers, West Kootenay Septic Solutions (WKSS) in 2016. We were hired to design a wastewater treatment system to service a 35 person remote camp to act as a home base for the surrounding area to ...
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Clayquot Wilderness Resort, MSR Solutions Inc.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

The owners of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Bedwell Sound approached MSR Solutions early in 2018. MSR did an assessment on one of their wastewater treatment system, a rotating biological contactor (RBC). There were several components that were not functioning properly. MSR Solutions identified those and with the site staff, coordinated the procurement of spares and ...
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Flow Meter at Countryside Village in Anmore, BC

Countryside Village

Wastewater Upgrades This is an ongoing project in Counryside Village in Anmore, BC. It is located in the Lower Mainland, between the Indian Arm of the Burrard Inlet and the City of Coquitlam. MSR Solutions analyzed influent flows for a wastewater treatment system serving 26 homes and a convenience store. We then forecasted future flows ...
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Arbutus Mountain WWTP Upgrade, MSR Solutions

Arbutus Mountain

Performing Equity Developments (Shawnigan) Ltd. retained the services of MSR Solutions Inc. to review the capacity of the community wastewater treatment plant owned and operated system by the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD). The Arbutus Mountain system currently serves two phases of the development totalling 120 home sites. The proposal adds an additional 64 homes ...
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Meadowood Community Centre, MSR Solutions Inc.

Meadowood Community Centre

Herold Engineering retained the services of MSR Solutions to design a potable water and a septic system for the Meadowood Community Centre, located in Qualicum Beach, BC. MSR Solutions prepared two filings for Meadowood Community Centre for the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). This was part of MSR Solutions scope of work including: Sewerage System ...
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Lighthouse Pub, Port Renfrew, Construction of the forcemain, MSR Solutions Inc.

Lighthouse Pub

The Lighthouse Pub Project is located in the heart of Port Renfrew.    Developer, Jack Julseth, of Three Point Properties hired MSR Solutions Inc. for the job. This project encompasses the consolidation of three existing wastewater treatment systems into one. The Renfrew Pub, Seaside Cottages, and Lighthouse Pub will all tie into one system. The Renfrew ...
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Claydon Lane, Land Development and Wastewater Treatment, MSR Solutions. Inc.

Claydon Lane

Claydon Lane is a project located on the Sunshine Coast. The home is located on an ocean front property. A new five bedroom bedroom luxury home replaces the home they torn down. The contractor, Green Vista Contracting, brought MSR Solutions to the project on behalf of the property owners. We helped design an on-site septic ...
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Lodgepole Road, Stonebridge Development, MSR Solutions Inc.

Lodgepole Road

The Lodgepole Road wastewater treatment plant is located in the Stonebridge Development in Mill Bay, BC. MSR Solutions is working with the Limona Group on this project. MSR is developing and designing a new water system for this project. This water system will provide up to 150 units of water capacity for the future Stonebridge ...
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Cherry Point Arial Photo

Cherry Point Marina

Cowichan Bay –  BC MSR Solutions Inc. has completed a comprehensive study for Cherry Point Marina on possible wastewater treatment servicing options. The marina owner supports the two following options: Onsite Treatment and Discharge to the CVRD Outfall This proposed option offers an on-site package treatment plant and off-site disposal using the CVRD outfall. We ...
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Salt Spring Island Ale

Salt Spring Island Ales

Salt Spring Island Ales Salt Spring Island Ales brews a variety of beers from spring water collected on the forested hillside behind the brewery.  The brewing process includes several stages, and as much as possible, solids and highly concentrated wastes are side-streamed and diverted from the wastewater treatment process. Wastewater that reaches the treatment process ...
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Beachview Rise, Perc Test, MSR Solutions Inc.

Beachview Rise

Beachview Rise is a 20 lot subdivision located in the up-and-coming Port Renfrew on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Karl Ablack from Port Renfrew Management Inc. hired MSR Solutions to provide engineering design assistance for the development. The forest development is uphill from the Port San Juan. Some homes have a spectacular view of ...
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Cottages on Osoyoos Lake, MSR Solutions Inc.

Cottages on Osoyoos Lake, Oliver, BC

Cottages on Osoyoos Lake is a 300-home residential development on Osoyoos Lake. We were retained to design a water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant co-housed in a single treatment building and obtained approval from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). Wastewater works include screening, equalization, ...
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Wild Coast Cottages

Wild Coast Cottages

MSR Solutions Inc. was retained to provide engineering services for the roads, underground utilities and wastewater treatment design works for the development. Over half of the units have been constructed with the remaining units along with the associated infrastructure being constructed currently. Works are ongoing with a phased approach. ...
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Stonebridge, Shawnigan Creek, MSR Solutions


This Stonebridge Wastewater Treatment project is an ongoing project of MSR Solutions. We work closely with the Limona Group on the Stonebridge Development in Mill Bay, BC. MSR provides sewer servicing and treatment for this expanding development. The project started with MSR providing designs for advanced secondary treatment with reclaimed water use. Then, MSR Solutions conducted field investigations ...
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MSR Solutions, Osprey Landing

Osprey Landing, Wardner, BC

Osprey Landing, Wardner, BC Osprey Landing was an advanced secondary treatment system in an 81-home recreational development in Wardner, BC. The treatment plant included design and commissioning of Rapid Infiltration Basins. After construction of the treatment plant was completed, the development was put on hold. Once the development resumed, MSR Solutions provided guidance for reinstating the ...
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Elkington Forest, MSR Solutions

Elkington Forest

Elkington Forest is a development located near Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island. It is a phased development with the ultimate plan for 97 homes and 15 businesses to be constructed within a managed forest property. MSR Solutions provided design and construction inspection services for the first phase of the development. This included the access road ...
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