Donovan Strata Wastewater Treatment

Donovan Strata Wastewater Treatment

Donovan Avenue is an 8-lot strata subdivision under construction within the city of Colwood, BC. Tycor Developments retained MSR Solutions to design services for an onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system servicing the strata.

We began the design process by conducting a site assessment, consisting of soils analysis and percolation testing. MSR then worked in conjunction with the client to maximize the scope of the development. We provided an accurate assessment of how much daily flow could be treated and disposed of on site. We then determined the number of serviceable housing units for this onsite wastewater system.

Optimizing Strata Potential

Optimizing development potential is an area in which MSR continues to excel. We do this to the benefit of our land development clients. MSR Solutions takes a pragmatic approach to assessing household flow rates. We base it on recent real-world data which factors in modern low-flow fixtures. Then, we apply cutting edge technologies in our designs. This ensures disposal of the properly treated wastewater in a manner that protects public safety and the environment. This innovative approach sets MSR Solutions apart from all the others. It makes us the firm of choice for land development clients. Especially those looking to maximize the potential of their projects in locations outside of established municipal sewer service areas.

Balancing Requirements with Functionality and Aesthetics

There were tight space constraints at the Donovan Avenue strata site. MSR Solutions provided a system layout which carefully balanced the technical requirements of the wastewater system with the functional and aesthetic considerations of the strata residents. The onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system is now installed and successfully commissioned. Construction on housing unit is now proceeding. The design includes provisions for future decommissioning as well as connection to the municipal sewer system.

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Aspengrove School Athletic Centre

Aspengrove School Athletic Centre

Located in Lantzville (BC), Aspengrove School is a private K-12 school, including a pre-school daycare centre. The school is constructing an athletic centre and as the architectural drawing provided by the client show, it will be located within the school lot and will have toilets and showers.

MSR Solutions Inc. is working with the Aspengrove School to review the capacity of the school’s wastewater treatment and disposal systems and provide solutions to accommodate wastewater load from the proposed development. The proposed gym will have eight showers; however, showers are the main potential contributing factor to wastewater flow.

The existing on-site wastewater treatment system at the school was originally designed to accommodate a Daily Design Flow (DDF) of 5,660 Lpd (1,245 Impgd) in 2008 and was upgraded to accommodate a DDF of 22,700 Lpd (5,000 Impgd) in 2010. The existing treatment system will include: one NPS CA20; and six Ecoflo units (6-650B units with peat filtration).

The Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) govern regulations for the existing system. The SSR applies to onsite wastewater treatment systems, including those for houses, schools, small businesses, and similar small community systems.

Scope of Work

The below works are required to be conducted to provide sewer servicing for the Athletic Centre and to keep the DDF under 22,700 Lpd (5,000 Impgd):

  • Installation of low flow showers is a must
  • Installation of a timers system for the showers is strongly recommended
  • Installation of an equalization tank as a balancing storage
  • Installation of an effluent filter
  • Installation of a new lift station to provide timed dosing to the existing treatment system
  • Installation of a UV unit
  • Monitoring works for the existing fields

The proposed improvement was filed with Island Health (VIHA) under BC SSR. At time of writing the project was in the permitting process.

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Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay – Vancouver Island

The design of the Spirit Bay, Sunset Point subdivision is now well underway by MSR Solutions.  As part of the design review, we attend the monthly open house with the developer and guests. We are part of ensuring this unique vision comes to life. We listen to potential residents on what they look for in access and servicing to their home sites.  MSR Solutions offers support in designing a unique road layout. We will incorporate safety, traffic calming, improved and natural drainage, as well as parking and courtyard entrances.

This is a comprehensive project that includes: water distribution, sewage collection and treatment, district energy distribution, BC Hydro and private power service, road and storm water design, lot services, gas distribution, and TELUS/Shaw distribution.

We work closely with our client to understand their needs and provide feedback for support and revisions. It is part of our philosophy to provide innovative solutions as well as have the full input of our client. This ensures we have their vision fully incorporated into the designs. Come out to Spirit Bay. Experience a different kind of subdivision growing on some incredible land.

We’ve been working with MSR for the past five years from the commencement of the project in dealing with regulatory authorities for water systems and the wastewater treatment plant. They provided unique and alternative designs to allow phasing of the development in a cost effective manner. 

MSR Solutions has been retained as the town engineer to oversee all construction works and to provide standardization of servicing and access in a constrained site, in keeping with a European small town design. They are highly responsive, work with integrity and listen to our vision and concerns. They are a willing and positive partner in this long term development.

Kris Obrigewitsch
The Trust for Sustainable Development


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

The owners of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Bedwell Sound approached MSR Solutions early in 2018. MSR did an assessment on one of their wastewater treatment system, a rotating biological contactor (RBC). There were several components that were not functioning properly. MSR Solutions identified those and with the site staff, coordinated the procurement of spares and replacement parts. We also assessed their disposal field at that time.

We were then asked to do a complete inspection of the water and wastewater treatment. MSR has completed their preliminary assessment and scheduled to do a more in-depth assessment with the intention to design a  new water treatment and water distribution system.

In addition, there will be upgrading to two wastewater treatment systems, one for staff and one for guests.

There are two wells on site at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, which is located near Tofino, BC. Only one is being used at the moment. They are in a gravel, unconfined aquifer which is groundwater under the direct influence of surface water (GWUDI).

The water is moderately hard and the well pumps to a reservoir on a hill above the facility. Then gravity feeds the water distribution system to both staff and guest accommodation. We are proposing a water treatment system that involves filtration down to one micron and disinfection. We will be including cartridge filtration, UV disinfection, and residual chlorination.

This is an ongoing project with a completion date set for mid 2019.


Pete’s Lake Service Community

Pete’s Lake Service Community

The Pete’s Lake project is for 70 water connections for approximately 400 residents. They have no central power source and are somewhat isolated. This low density development area can only be accessed by passenger ferry. Their current water system is inexpensive; but not without its own set of problems. MSR Solutions was brought in to discuss upgrading the system with an eye on long term usage.

The residents of Pete’s Lake have been faced with a long standing boil water advisory and there is some controversy over the use of chlorine. Their original system was gravity fed and much of it is on private property with no easement. Difficulties arose with above ground pipes freezing in the winter, overheating in the summer, and being damaged by falling trees.

MSR Solutions proposed an anchored intake pipe. We also suggested to retain the current system for irrigation and fire suppression; with protection from freezing temperatures.

MSR Solutions is currently looking for the best approach to freeze-proof the existing system. Funding still needs to be determined as well as formal Society and VIHA approval. Several upgrades were proposed including rainwater collection, private wells, a UF package plant and a conventional water plant, as stand alone and as dual distribution.

Countryside Village

Countryside Village

Wastewater Upgrades

This is an ongoing project in Counryside Village in Anmore, BC. It is located in the Lower Mainland, between the Indian Arm of the Burrard Inlet and the City of Coquitlam.

MSR Solutions analyzed influent flows for a wastewater treatment system serving 26 homes and a convenience store. We then forecasted future flows for increased development of the existing lots. Based on the analysis, we recommended upgrades to Countryside Village to ensure continued treatment performance while allowing increased flows through the system. The upgrades included flow measurement, equalization storage, UV disinfection, and disposal field improvements. MSR Solutions also assisted in coordinating installation and inspecting final works.