MSR’s Latest Preliminary Site Visit

MSR’s Latest Preliminary Site Visit

MSR Solutions was retained in the planning stage for a client in Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast. Karl and Jeff performed a preliminary site visit to assess the soil characteristics, site constraints and limitations in consideration of a future development. MSR will continue to work alongside the client and environmental authorities to achieve a sustainable and community approved development.

The Root, Beddis Road, Salt Spring

The Root, Beddis Road, Salt Spring

MSR came in to create an onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system for a new project. The Root facilities are at 189 Beddis Road on Salt Spring Island.

A commercial kitchen and living residence will provide an estimated Daily Design Flow of 2560 L/d. The proposed treatment system consisted of extended primary treatment and secondary treatment with a package aerobic treatment system. This was followed by a tertiary treatment within a sub-surface engineered wetland. Moisture tolerant plants will cover the wetland disposal system which contains peat.

189 Beddis Road is a 0.6 ha (1.5 acre) property located on Salt Spring Island. The property contains two primary buildings. One for food storage with a commercial kitchen for processing local produce. the other is a two-bedroom caretaker apartment.

Construction completed March 20, 2021.

The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust is raising funds to build, The Root – Centre for Food Security, at 189 Beddis Road.

“The Root is a local food facility that will include a licensed teaching and processing kitchen, and temperature-controlled storage for local food, and the Seed Bank.

This means more local food will be available all year round. The certified Food Safe kitchen will be available to farmers and food processors as well as individuals and community organizations. Training programs such as chef certification, youth programs on agriculture, as well as food preparation and preservation education for the whole community will be provided at The Root.”

For more information on water treatment systems, visit our wastewater treatment page.

Doing What We Do Best

While the world is dealing with the pandemic, we at MSR Solutions continue to perform services for our clients. We do so by acknowledging and adhering to the protocols put into place.

Measuring and Testing

That being said, we thought you’d like to see what we’ve been up to over the past month or so. We do a lot of measuring and testing to ensure your project is done right the first time.


This is Cole, measuring out a 30m setback from a well for the site of a future disposal field in Saanich. Just one of our many projects on Vancouver Island.

Soil Testing

Here is Karl at a site visit in Lac la Hache. He is performing soil tests on the future site of a wastewater treatment plant.

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Spirit Bay: Sunset Point

Spirit Bay: Sunset Point

Spirit Bay, located on the southwest tip of Vancouver Island, is bustling with activity. Civil works is now underway with a new extension of the subdivision called Sunset Point and MSR is there to assist with curbs and road slopes.

To date, MSR Solutions has overseen the installation of underground utilities to Sunset Point, including water, sewer, storm, hydro and telecommunications.

There are three complete underground works at Sunset Point with curb installation now underway on the edges of the roadway. MSR Solutions technicians and engineers regularly go out to the site to inspect curb forms and ensure the roads slope properly to control runoff. Once the curbs are complete the roads will be ready for paving.

MSR Solutions provides design assistance at Sunset Point for the creation of walkways and stairs in the designated park areas. MSR Solutions involvement also includes overseeing upgrades to Spirit Bay’s District Energy heating system to accommodate growth in the subdivision. We also provide oversight with the operation of the local wastewater treatment plant. Civil works for the next phase of the subdivision, called Ridgeline, should be underway in the fall of 2019.

We’ve been working with Spirit Bay for some time now and continue to enjoy a solid working relationship with them. For more information on Land Development and Wastewater Treatment, visit our Services page.

Gorgeous Views from Spirit Bay, Vancouver Island

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Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay – Vancouver Island

The design of the Spirit Bay, Sunset Point subdivision is now well underway by MSR Solutions.  As part of the design review, we attend the monthly open house with the developer and guests. We are part of ensuring this unique vision comes to life. We listen to potential residents on what they look for in access and servicing to their home sites.  MSR Solutions offers support in designing a unique road layout. We will incorporate safety, traffic calming, improved and natural drainage, as well as parking and courtyard entrances.

This is a comprehensive project that includes: water distribution, sewage collection and treatment, district energy distribution, BC Hydro and private power service, road and storm water design, lot services, gas distribution, and TELUS/Shaw distribution.

We work closely with our client to understand their needs and provide feedback for support and revisions. It is part of our philosophy to provide innovative solutions as well as have the full input of our client. This ensures we have their vision fully incorporated into the designs. Come out to Spirit Bay. Experience a different kind of subdivision growing on some incredible land.

We’ve been working with MSR for the past five years from the commencement of the project in dealing with regulatory authorities for water systems and the wastewater treatment plant. They provided unique and alternative designs to allow phasing of the development in a cost effective manner. 

MSR Solutions has been retained as the town engineer to oversee all construction works and to provide standardization of servicing and access in a constrained site, in keeping with a European small town design. They are highly responsive, work with integrity and listen to our vision and concerns. They are a willing and positive partner in this long term development.

Kris Obrigewitsch
The Trust for Sustainable Development


Dickerson Place

Dickerson Place

Dickerson Place is property located in Colwood, BC. MSR was contacted by the owners of the property to provide engineering consultation for the subdivision of their property into two separate lots. MSR will help with the investigation of and upgrades to the existing wastewater treatment system as well as provide a design for the new wastewater treatment system required for the new home. MSR is also coordinating with the City of Colwood for the subdivision process and the required servicing for each lots.

,Matt Gable the project designer and drafting designer, has gone out to site to investigate the property’s soil characteristics by conducting test pits and percolation tests. He has also determined the configuration and capacity of the existing wastewater system and appropriate upgrades that need to be implemented to the system. The City of Colwood issued the Preliminary Layout Assessment (PLA) for the subdivision. MSR Solutions has responded with our proposal for the civil works included in the lot frontage works. We are currently waiting on the review of our proposal by the City of Colwood.