Lodgepole Road

Lodgepole Road

The Lodgepole Road wastewater treatment plant is located in the Stonebridge Development in Mill Bay, BC. MSR Solutions is working with the Limona Group on this project.

MSR is developing and designing a new water system for this project. This water system will provide up to 150 units of water capacity for the future Stonebridge Development on Lodgepole Road.

We continue to work with Limona and the Mill Bay water district. The goal is to create conditions that makes use of smaller wells and smaller flows. These will combine to create development capacity for the entire Stonebridge Development.

Creative Solutions

MSR works closely with Limona to provide creative solutions in water capacity, for Stonebridge, as well as for the entire community of Mill Bay. When this project is complete, it will benefit the Stonebridge subdivision and also allow for the Lodgepole Road development of ten new units. This part of the project should be completed in late 2019.

October 2018

Millstream Industrial Park

Millstream Industrial Park

Multiple Projects

Millstream Industrial Park is a business and industrial complex located at the border of Langford and Millstream, BC on Millstream Road. MSR Solutions Inc. has been involved in various civil engineering projects in Millstream Industrial Park since 2014. The projects includes a wide range of topics.

MSR Solutions assisted with storm water management. MSR create flow structure design and construction admiration for Pond #1 as well as a flood analysis for Pond #2. Watermain expansion was one of the projects where we supplied design and construction administration.

The Millstream Industrial Park also need cross control locations at various locations on the site. MSR Solutions worked with the developer to achieve this. Storm water quality analysis and management was also needed on various locations throughout the site and included oil/water separators assessment as well as improvements

This is an ongoing project that MSR Solutions is proud to be a part of.


MSR has been our project engineer of choice since the early stages of the Millstream Industrial Park water line development. They helped ensure we were compliant with local bylaws and CRD Water standards in order to bring our private domestic water distribution system into our 70 acre industrial park. This private water system supplies domestic water to our clients. In addition, they’ve also engineered drainage and fire protection systems.
Working with MSR Solutions makes my job easier. They are readily available to discuss our current upgrades and needs. Everyone at MSR is friendly, professional and they give prompt service, which is very important in my industry. I highly recommend working with them.

Andy Wells – President – Millstream Industrial Park


Beachview Rise

Beachview Rise

Beachview Rise is a 20 lot subdivision located in the up-and-coming Port Renfrew on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Karl Ablack from Port Renfrew Management Inc. hired MSR Solutions to provide engineering design assistance for the development. The forest development is uphill from the Port San Juan. Some homes have a spectacular view of the ocean. Others have a relaxing view of a creek and the forest on the backside of the development. The fully serviced lots will each be bare ¼ acre single family lots. Buyers are able to build their dream home on their chosen property.

MSR Solutions coordinated with another consulting firm for the design of the civil works for each lot. We designed the lift station and wastewater treatment system with the intention of connecting other surrounding communities. This will create a large community wastewater treatment system in the future. Due to the future plan of a larger scale development, the current water reservoir upgrade was created as a joint project. The current reservoir is not large enough to support the future development as well as the town of Port Renfrew.  MSR Solutions coordinated with the Capital Regional District and Port Renfrew Management for upgrade of the water reservoir and the well located outside of town.

The MSR staff members on this project were: Mike Seymour (lead engineer), Arash Kanani (project engineer), and Matt Gable (drafting support).

MSR Solutions heard the client’s ideas for their future intentions for the system and provided a design to suit the large future community system.

We have worked with MSR Solutions on this project since 2016 with respect to sewer permitting with Sewerage System Regulations through the Ministry of Health. We have since taken a different approach and are now going through Municipal Waste Water Regulations through the Ministry of Environment. MSR Solutions helped us through the regulatory process with VIHA approval and continue to work with us on the MOE approval.

Karl Ablack, owner, Port Renfrew Management

Wild Coast Cottages

Wild Coast Cottages

Wild Coast Cottages is a 55-strata lot community. Located in Port Renfrew, BC., this is a Three Point Properties project.

MSR Solutions Inc. provided engineering services for the roads, underground utilities and wastewater treatment design works. Over half of the units have been constructed at the Wild Coast Cottages development. The remaining units, along with the associated infrastructure, is now being constructed.  Works are ongoing with a phased approach.

MSR Solutions developed a new method for a dam demolition which we needed done on a short timeline. We would not have completed the work on time without the interim solution that MSR Solutions provided for us. The Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development accepted the proposal and we completed our project on time.

JP Martin, Three Point Properties

Stonebridge Land Development

Stonebridge Land Development

The Limona Group has obtained rezoning development approval for a 325-unit housing development on the property known as the Stonebridge Development. There will be additional development in the area including higher density and commercial density in the future. As a condition of the development, a community sewer system is to be provided which will be owned and operated by the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD). The Limona Group has retained MSR Solutions to design and construct a community sewer system to serve the requirements for the development at build-out, to be built in stages. Limona has proposed to commence with initial 40-50 single family homes as the first stage of the development including Townhouse site and single-family homes on the south side of Shawnigan creek and single-family homes on the northern part of the property on the Shawnigan Mill Bay Road.

A design report was submitted to Limona by MSR Solutions in December 2014, which identified three stages to proceed to total build-out. Stage 1 Sewage Service Area was identified with minimal servicing requirements, with connection to the existing shopping centre Permit PE6503. Stage 2 Sewage Service Area was identified, based on an infrastructure funding application with the federal government. The areas identified within this stage of servicing included 325 Stonebridge single family equivalent homes, Pioneer Square shopping centre and any other areas based on capacity and determined by CVRD. A MWR application with the CVRD as the applicant was proposed for this stage of development. Stage 3 Sewage Service Area was identified to create a Town centre community sewer system including the Brulette Place sewer systems, the Stonebridge site, and surrounding developments.

It was proposed to provide a treatment plant that is modular and to which units could be added as the development progresses to first accommodate Stage 2 and then new development as capacity is available. Disposal was proposed to ground, within the Stonebridge property as well as in the Brulette area. The option of reclaimed water discharge to a constructed wetland with overflow to Shawnigan creek was identified following an Environmental Impact Study.

Project Manager: Mike Seymour
Client: The Limona Group
Location: Mill Bay, BC

Maracaibo Estates

Maracaibo Estates

Maracaibo Estates on Salt Spring Island

Maracaibo Estates on Saltspring Island currently has 85 strata owners and subdivided lots to add nine more additional small lots. MSR Solutions reviewed the capacity and water quality of the existing water system to ensure sufficient water quantity and quality of water to supply the new lots.  The design for water servicing a nine-lot subdivision met Island Health and Islands Trust requirements.  The subdivision is now complete.

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