Dickerson Place

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Land Development, news, Wastewater Treatment | 0 comments

Dickerson Place is property located in Colwood, BC. MSR was contacted by the owners of the property to provide engineering consultation for the subdivision of their property into two separate lots. MSR will help with the investigation of and upgrades to the existing wastewater treatment system as well as provide a design for the new wastewater treatment system required for the new home. MSR is also coordinating with the City of Colwood for the subdivision process and the required servicing for each lots.

Matt Gable, the project designer and drafting designer, has gone out to site to investigate the property’s soil characteristics by conducting test pits and percolation tests. He has also determined the configuration and capacity of the existing wastewater system and appropriate upgrades that need to be implemented to the system. The City of Colwood issued the Preliminary Layout Assessment (PLA) for the subdivision. MSR Solutions has responded with our proposal for the civil works included in the lot frontage works. We are currently waiting on the review of our proposal by the City of Colwood.