Navigating the Path to Safe Drinking Water: MSR Solutions Offers Comprehensive Source Approvals

Navigating the Path to Safe Drinking Water: MSR Solutions Offers Comprehensive Source Approvals

​Every drop of clean, safe drinking water is a testament to careful planning and rigorous evaluation. At MSR Solutions, we understand the critical importance of ensuring the purity and reliability of new drinking water systems. That’s why we’re excited to announce our expertise in providing comprehensive source approvals, guiding you through the journey to secure, high-quality drinking water.

Source approvals are the cornerstone of building a resilient, sustainable drinking water system. They involve a meticulous assessment of water sources, treatment methods, and distribution systems to ensure they meet regulatory standards and uphold public health.

With a team of experts in the water field, MSR Solutions is well-equipped to tackle the complexities of source approvals. We meticulously evaluate water quality, treatment effectiveness, and long-term viability to craft solutions that safeguard communities and comply with regulations.

Navigating the regulatory landscape can be daunting. Our experience working closely with regulatory bodies ensures a seamless approval process. We handle the paperwork, technical assessments, and liaisons, so you can focus on delivering clean, safe drinking water to your community.

Whether you’re building a new water system or enhancing an existing one, our source approvals ensure a strong foundation of quality, reliability, and compliance. Contact MSR Solutions today to learn more about how we can guide you through the intricacies of source approvals and help you provide your community with water they can trust.

MSR Continues Making Strides on the Sunshine Coast

MSR Continues Making Strides on the Sunshine Coast

MSR has been making significant strides in improving water systems across the Sunshine Coast.

During a recent visit to the Sunshine Coast, MSR had the opportunity to attend community meetings for two small water systems.

The team at MSR understands the significance of community involvement and collaboration, which lies at the core of their operations. By actively participating in these meetings, the company aims to establish strong connections with the people they serve, ensuring their initiatives are aligned with the needs of the community.

During the meetings, representatives from MSR actively listened to the concerns and needs of the residents in these small water systems. Through this open dialogue, they gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by these communities and identified areas where MSR’s expertise and resources could make a meaningful impact.

The MSR team expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to meet with locals and work towards creating sustainable solutions. Such encounters have always served as a great source of inspiration and motivation for the company. The enthusiasm displayed by the residents further reinforces MSR’s commitment to delivering reliable services and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each community.

The Root, Beddis Road, Salt Spring

The Root, Beddis Road, Salt Spring

MSR came in to create an onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system for a new project. The Root facilities are at 189 Beddis Road on Salt Spring Island.

A commercial kitchen and living residence will provide an estimated Daily Design Flow of 2560 L/d. The proposed treatment system consisted of extended primary treatment and secondary treatment with a package aerobic treatment system. This was followed by a tertiary treatment within a sub-surface engineered wetland. Moisture tolerant plants will cover the wetland disposal system which contains peat.

189 Beddis Road is a 0.6 ha (1.5 acre) property located on Salt Spring Island. The property contains two primary buildings. One for food storage with a commercial kitchen for processing local produce. the other is a two-bedroom caretaker apartment.

Construction completed March 20, 2021.

The Salt Spring Island Farmland Trust is raising funds to build, The Root – Centre for Food Security, at 189 Beddis Road.

“The Root is a local food facility that will include a licensed teaching and processing kitchen, and temperature-controlled storage for local food, and the Seed Bank.

This means more local food will be available all year round. The certified Food Safe kitchen will be available to farmers and food processors as well as individuals and community organizations. Training programs such as chef certification, youth programs on agriculture, as well as food preparation and preservation education for the whole community will be provided at The Root.”

For more information on water treatment systems, visit our wastewater treatment page.

Onsite Sewage System: Millstream Industrial Park

Onsite Sewage System: Millstream Industrial Park

Millstream Industrial Park hired MSR Solutions Inc. (MSRS) to provide engineering services pertaining to the onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system for 790 Industrial Way. Daily flows for the facility will be less than 22,700 L/d (5,000 Imp gpd). The design and operation of the facility is governed by the Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) under a filing with Island Health.  Filed on April 29, 2020

New Onsite Sewage System

Unit 790 Industrial Way at Millstream Industrial Park requires a new onsite sewage system to replace the existing system. It services a 2-bedroom residence and an office space. A new treatment system consists of a Dan’s Precast 7728 L (1700 Imp Gal) 2-chamber septic tank. This is followed by a Dan’s Precast 2722 L (600 Imp gal) dosing chamber with duplex effluent pumps.

This will discharge to a distribution box, which will provide gravity dosing to three laterals. Within the disposal field, Eljen GSF modules and specified C33 sand are used to upgrade the effluent to Type 2 quality at the point of application.  Site report conducted on May 30, 2020.

For more information about MSR Solutions Inc. services, please visit our Services Page.

Spirit Bay: Sunset Point

Spirit Bay: Sunset Point

Spirit Bay, located on the southwest tip of Vancouver Island, is bustling with activity. Civil works is now underway with a new extension of the subdivision called Sunset Point and MSR is there to assist with curbs and road slopes.

To date, MSR Solutions has overseen the installation of underground utilities to Sunset Point, including water, sewer, storm, hydro and telecommunications.

There are three complete underground works at Sunset Point with curb installation now underway on the edges of the roadway. MSR Solutions technicians and engineers regularly go out to the site to inspect curb forms and ensure the roads slope properly to control runoff. Once the curbs are complete the roads will be ready for paving.

MSR Solutions provides design assistance at Sunset Point for the creation of walkways and stairs in the designated park areas. MSR Solutions involvement also includes overseeing upgrades to Spirit Bay’s District Energy heating system to accommodate growth in the subdivision. We also provide oversight with the operation of the local wastewater treatment plant. Civil works for the next phase of the subdivision, called Ridgeline, should be underway in the fall of 2019.

We’ve been working with Spirit Bay for some time now and continue to enjoy a solid working relationship with them. For more information on Land Development and Wastewater Treatment, visit our Services page.

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Pete’s Lake Service Community

Pete’s Lake Service Community

The Pete’s Lake project is for 70 water connections for approximately 400 residents. They have no central power source and are somewhat isolated. This low density development area can only be accessed by passenger ferry. Their current water system is inexpensive; but not without its own set of problems. MSR Solutions was brought in to discuss upgrading the system with an eye on long term usage.

The residents of Pete’s Lake have been faced with a long standing boil water advisory and there is some controversy over the use of chlorine. Their original system was gravity fed and much of it is on private property with no easement. Difficulties arose with above ground pipes freezing in the winter, overheating in the summer, and being damaged by falling trees.

MSR Solutions proposed an anchored intake pipe. We also suggested to retain the current system for irrigation and fire suppression; with protection from freezing temperatures.

MSR Solutions is currently looking for the best approach to freeze-proof the existing system. Funding still needs to be determined as well as formal Society and VIHA approval. Several upgrades were proposed including rainwater collection, private wells, a UF package plant and a conventional water plant, as stand alone and as dual distribution.