Onsite Sewage System: Millstream Industrial Park

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Civil Engineering, Wastewater Treatment | 0 comments

Millstream Industrial Park hired MSR Solutions Inc. (MSRS) to provide engineering services pertaining to the onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system for 790 Industrial Way. Daily flows for the facility will be less than 22,700 L/d (5,000 Imp gpd). The design and operation of the facility is governed by the Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) under a filing with Island Health.  Filed on April 29, 2020

New Onsite Sewage System

Unit 790 Industrial Way at Millstream Industrial Park requires a new onsite sewage system to replace the existing system. It services a 2-bedroom residence and an office space. A new treatment system consists of a Dan’s Precast 7728 L (1700 Imp Gal) 2-chamber septic tank. This is followed by a Dan’s Precast 2722 L (600 Imp gal) dosing chamber with duplex effluent pumps.

This will discharge to a distribution box, which will provide gravity dosing to three laterals. Within the disposal field, Eljen GSF modules and specified C33 sand are used to upgrade the effluent to Type 2 quality at the point of application.  Site report conducted on May 30, 2020.

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