Claydon Lane

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Land Development, Wastewater Treatment | 0 comments

Claydon Lane is a project located on the Sunshine Coast. The home is located on an ocean front property. A new five bedroom bedroom luxury home replaces the home they torn down.

The contractor, Green Vista Contracting, brought MSR Solutions to the project on behalf of the property owners. We helped design an on-site septic system to suit the new home. The current septic system had a single holding tank and no disposal field. To provide a more sustainable system, on-site treatment would need to be provided.

There is limited space on the Claydon Lane property due to the new property plans. The owners purchased a small strip of land with an existing disposal field from the neighbours on the uphill side of the property. This strip will act as the new disposal field area.  The project required extra review due to the property being narrow with areas of steep slopes and a close proximity to the ocean.  

MSR Solutions consulted with the client for decisions on the locations of the system and options for equipment to ensure a satisfied client.