Stormwater Management System for Fairway

Stormwater Management System for Fairway

MSR Solutions was first contacted by Canreal Management in January 2020. The loading dock at the Fairway market experienced prolonged flooding after three days of rain with approximately 44 mm of rainfall.

The market is located in the Langford Centre shopping plaza at 776 Goldstream Avenue in Langford, BC. The loading dock is at the end of Danbrook Avenue, on the north side of the shopping complex. It sits adjacent to Danbrook Park and acts as the low point to the surrounding catchment area.

After three days of downpour, it is assumed that some of the rain drained off adjacent roofs, driveways and the park and towards the driveway stormwater system. The stormwater system consisted of a catch basin, seepage basin, and infiltration chamber. The design could catchment area of approximately 600 m2.

Much Needed Stormwater Managemenet

MSR Solutions suggested a new stormwater system as a long-term solution to prevent frequent flooding events.

GRAF EcoBloc Stormater Management System

A new Type II Oil Interceptor and a EcoBloc Stormwater management system by GRAF offered an alternative to traditional gravel-based infiltration.  The system has square high-quality plastic units that are durable, 100% recyclable, and offer up to 97% reservoir volume (compared to 40% of gravel). MRS arranged the system in rectangular shapes and stacked them to maximize space on site.

MSR completed construction for this project which started at the end of October 2020. Full installation completed in November 2020.

Onsite Wastewater System Upgrade: Nanaimo Regional Airport

Onsite Wastewater System Upgrade: Nanaimo Regional Airport

The Nanaimo Airport Commission (NAC) operates the Nanaimo Regional Airport. They have their own wastewater treatment and disposal on-site. NAC determined the wastewater system was in need of improvements. Odour concerns and increasing operational demands could impact regulatory compliance. A rapid increase in passenger demand in recent years also warranted an analysis of the capacity of the system. MSR Solutions reviewed the existing treatment system. We proposed upgrades to resolve the current issues and also improve capacity to meet future demands.

Wastewater Issues and Improvements

The existing wastewater treatment system at the Nanaimo Regional Airport had solids loading and equipment issues. These contributed to excessive maintenance costs and nuisance odours. In addition, increased passenger demands created a need for modifications to the wastewater system. These improvements increased capacity and reliability. MSR Solutions proposed the following improvements:

  • Reroute all collection piping directly into the existing lift station
  • Extend the gravity main from the new terminal building to the existing lift station
  • Replace the solids handling pumps in the existing lift station with grinder pumps
  • Install a 5,100 imp gal (23,100 L) Dan’s Precast equalization tank
  • Relocate the MicroFAST media to a new treatment location. In addition, we proposed installation of timer controlled pumps inside the new tanks to transfer sludge to an aerobic digestion tank.
  • Install a 3,560 gal (16,100 L) Dan’s Precast septic tank with air pumps and diffusers for aerobic sludge digestion.
  • Decommission the existing septic and MicroFAST tanks

Operation Complete

Information about the repairs and improved capacity of the current system went to The Ministry of the Environment. The wastewater system upgrade allows the airport to handle peak flow until 2028 without exceeding the maximum allowable discharge under the Registration. It also allows airport operations under its current Registration until flows become too great and they require additional capacity. The Ministry of the Environment received the filing in August. Construction was subsequently completed this fall with MSR provided field inspection. In February, MSR provided operator training and review of the O&M manual.

For other wastewater system upgrades we’ve been involved with, see our Wastewater Treatment Service page.

Grey Water Treatment: Croftonbrook Phase 2

Grey Water Treatment: Croftonbrook Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Croftonbook project is now underway. MSR Solutions Inc. is currently providing a review of the proposed grey water treatment and reuse system for Phase 2 of the Croftonbrook facilities on Salt Spring Island. They are also looking at capturing rainwater as an alternative water supply.

Grey Water and Water Conservation

Potable water comes from an onsite well. In order to conserve water, it has been proposed to use recycled grey water and captured rainwater to supply toilets in the new living units.

About Croftonbrook

Island Women Against Violence (IWAV) owns and operates Croftonbrook. It provides 20 units of subsidized rental housing for seniors and people with disabilities.  In response to the serious housing shortage in the community, IWAV proposed a 2-phase development to add 54 new rental units.

This is mixed model housing, so rentals will be available to individuals, couples and small families with low to moderate incomes.  Some of the units will be provided for people who are experiencing homelessness.

Croftonbrook provides independent supportive living for seniors and people with disabilities. The Phase 2 development involves the construction of a new two-story building. It will have twenty-two, one bedroom living units, with laundry facilities on each floor.

The Croftonbrook development has received capital funding through the CRD Regional Housing First Program. This is a partnership with CRD, BC Housing and Island Health.  The Salt Spring Island Foundation has also provided a grant to support the water system design.

For more information on projects and services, please visit our Services Page.

Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay

Spirit Bay – Vancouver Island

The design of the Spirit Bay, Sunset Point subdivision is now well underway by MSR Solutions.  As part of the design review, we attend the monthly open house with the developer and guests. We are part of ensuring this unique vision comes to life. We listen to potential residents on what they look for in access and servicing to their home sites.  MSR Solutions offers support in designing a unique road layout. We will incorporate safety, traffic calming, improved and natural drainage, as well as parking and courtyard entrances.

This is a comprehensive project that includes: water distribution, sewage collection and treatment, district energy distribution, BC Hydro and private power service, road and storm water design, lot services, gas distribution, and TELUS/Shaw distribution.

We work closely with our client to understand their needs and provide feedback for support and revisions. It is part of our philosophy to provide innovative solutions as well as have the full input of our client. This ensures we have their vision fully incorporated into the designs. Come out to Spirit Bay. Experience a different kind of subdivision growing on some incredible land.

We’ve been working with MSR for the past five years from the commencement of the project in dealing with regulatory authorities for water systems and the wastewater treatment plant. They provided unique and alternative designs to allow phasing of the development in a cost effective manner. 

MSR Solutions has been retained as the town engineer to oversee all construction works and to provide standardization of servicing and access in a constrained site, in keeping with a European small town design. They are highly responsive, work with integrity and listen to our vision and concerns. They are a willing and positive partner in this long term development.

Kris Obrigewitsch
The Trust for Sustainable Development


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

The owners of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Bedwell Sound approached MSR Solutions early in 2018. MSR did an assessment on one of their wastewater treatment system, a rotating biological contactor (RBC). There were several components that were not functioning properly. MSR Solutions identified those and with the site staff, coordinated the procurement of spares and replacement parts. We also assessed their disposal field at that time.

We were then asked to do a complete inspection of the water and wastewater treatment. MSR has completed their preliminary assessment and scheduled to do a more in-depth assessment with the intention to design a  new water treatment and water distribution system.

In addition, there will be upgrading to two wastewater treatment systems, one for staff and one for guests.

There are two wells on site at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, which is located near Tofino, BC. Only one is being used at the moment. They are in a gravel, unconfined aquifer which is groundwater under the direct influence of surface water (GWUDI).

The water is moderately hard and the well pumps to a reservoir on a hill above the facility. Then gravity feeds the water distribution system to both staff and guest accommodation. We are proposing a water treatment system that involves filtration down to one micron and disinfection. We will be including cartridge filtration, UV disinfection, and residual chlorination.

This is an ongoing project with a completion date set for mid 2019.


Mara Sands Water Treatment

Mara Sands Water Treatment

Mara Sands Water Treatment Plant

MSR Solutions accepted the task of designing a water treatment system for a 19-home vacation strata next to Mara Lake. Mara Sands water treatment gets its water from a groundwater well that provides water to the strata. It was found to be susceptible to contamination from surface water.

MSR Solutions completed a detailed design of a treatment system and applied for a construction permit from Interior Health. We have all of the required permits and approvals to construct the treatment system and secured trades and equipment. Construction activities on the water treatment and distribution system were initiated and monitored by MSR Solutions.

Everyone involved at MSR Solutions pulled together as a team and overcame many obstacles. It was a pleasure working with this client and we hope to work with them again in the future. Here is an email we received from our client.

It been has a long four years, but the Mara Sands Water Treatment Project is nearing completion.  As we were preparing our “close-out report” to be delivered at our Annual General Meeting tomorrow, we reflected multiple times about how lucky we were in connecting with MSR Solutions.

In addition to your firm’s technical strength — which became evident very early on in our relationship with you — we’ve been struck by a number of other outstanding qualities:

1) Customer communications

We’ve had a number of your staff who have been “on point” for our file. We’ve been consistently impressed with every one of our contact’s listening skills, and their ability to translate our needs and concerns into helpful strategies that have been clearly and concisely communicated.

2) Regulator management

Particularly during the review of our application by Interior Health, we were very impressed with our contact’s responsiveness and the respectfulness they demonstrated in their communications with the regulator.

3) Change management

Even though we had several contacts over the four years, we never felt any burden in terms of bringing a new contact up to speed on our file. You’ve obviously mastered the ability to transfer “institutional knowledge” from one project manager to the next.

4) Resiliency

Particularly during project construction, your staff’s resiliency was evident. As you know, we had a number of problems during trenching, which had regrettable impacts on project schedule. We could guess that this delay created difficulties for your firm with respect to other jobs. Despite this, your staff continued to serve us with the professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness we’d come to expect.

Those are the “big four” and we could list many more. The bottom line is MSR Solutions provided outstanding service throughout all phases of our project, and we’re proud to have been associated with them.

We are also thrilled with Kevin Fokkens, the project manager assigned to our file over the last year. Kevin was an absolute delight to deal with, and is a poster-example of all the qualities we highlighted above. It is clear that he will have a fine career in front of him.

Ken McGregor, PEng and Sue McGregor, PEng, APEGA Lifetime Members