Mara Sands Water Treatment

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Mara Sands Water Treatment Plant

MSR Solutions accepted the task of designing a water treatment system for a 19-home vacation strata next to Mara Lake. Mara Sands water treatment gets its water from a groundwater well that provides water to the strata. It was found to be susceptible to contamination from surface water.

MSR Solutions completed a detailed design of a treatment system and applied for a construction permit from Interior Health. We have all of the required permits and approvals to construct the treatment system and secured trades and equipment. Construction activities on the water treatment and distribution system were initiated and monitored by MSR Solutions.

Everyone involved at MSR Solutions pulled together as a team and overcame many obstacles. It was a pleasure working with this client and we hope to work with them again in the future. Here is an email we received from our client.

It been has a long four years, but the Mara Sands Water Treatment Project is nearing completion.  As we were preparing our “close-out report” to be delivered at our Annual General Meeting tomorrow, we reflected multiple times about how lucky we were in connecting with MSR Solutions.

In addition to your firm’s technical strength — which became evident very early on in our relationship with you — we’ve been struck by a number of other outstanding qualities:

1) Customer communications

We’ve had a number of your staff who have been “on point” for our file. We’ve been consistently impressed with every one of our contact’s listening skills, and their ability to translate our needs and concerns into helpful strategies that have been clearly and concisely communicated.

2) Regulator management

Particularly during the review of our application by Interior Health, we were very impressed with our contact’s responsiveness and the respectfulness they demonstrated in their communications with the regulator.

3) Change management

Even though we had several contacts over the four years, we never felt any burden in terms of bringing a new contact up to speed on our file. You’ve obviously mastered the ability to transfer “institutional knowledge” from one project manager to the next.

4) Resiliency

Particularly during project construction, your staff’s resiliency was evident. As you know, we had a number of problems during trenching, which had regrettable impacts on project schedule. We could guess that this delay created difficulties for your firm with respect to other jobs. Despite this, your staff continued to serve us with the professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness we’d come to expect.

Those are the “big four” and we could list many more. The bottom line is MSR Solutions provided outstanding service throughout all phases of our project, and we’re proud to have been associated with them.

We are also thrilled with Kevin Fokkens, the project manager assigned to our file over the last year. Kevin was an absolute delight to deal with, and is a poster-example of all the qualities we highlighted above. It is clear that he will have a fine career in front of him.

Ken McGregor, PEng and Sue McGregor, PEng, APEGA Lifetime Members