The owners of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Bedwell Sound approached MSR Solutions early in 2018. MSR did an assessment on one of their wastewater treatment system, a rotating biological contactor (RBC). There were several components that were not functioning properly. MSR Solutions identified those and with the site staff, coordinated the procurement of spares and replacement parts. We also assessed their disposal field at that time.

We were then asked to do a complete inspection of the water and wastewater treatment. MSR has completed their preliminary assessment and scheduled to do a more in-depth assessment with the intention to design a  new water treatment and water distribution system.

In addition, there will be upgrading to two wastewater treatment systems, one for staff and one for guests.

There are two wells on site at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, which is located near Tofino, BC. Only one is being used at the moment. They are in a gravel, unconfined aquifer which is groundwater under the direct influence of surface water (GWUDI).

The water is moderately hard and the well pumps to a reservoir on a hill above the facility. Then gravity feeds the water distribution system to both staff and guest accommodation. We are proposing a water treatment system that involves filtration down to one micron and disinfection. We will be including cartridge filtration, UV disinfection, and residual chlorination.

This is an ongoing project with a completion date set for mid 2019.