Donovan Strata Wastewater Treatment

by | Mar 23, 2019 | Analysis and Consultation, news, Wastewater Treatment | 0 comments

Donovan Avenue is an 8-lot strata subdivision under construction within the city of Colwood, BC. Tycor Developments retained MSR Solutions to design services for an onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system servicing the strata.

We began the design process by conducting a site assessment, consisting of soils analysis and percolation testing. MSR then worked in conjunction with the client to maximize the scope of the development. We provided an accurate assessment of how much daily flow could be treated and disposed of on site. We then determined the number of serviceable housing units for this onsite wastewater system.

Optimizing Strata Potential

Optimizing development potential is an area in which MSR continues to excel. We do this to the benefit of our land development clients. MSR Solutions takes a pragmatic approach to assessing household flow rates. We base it on recent real-world data which factors in modern low-flow fixtures. Then, we apply cutting edge technologies in our designs. This ensures disposal of the properly treated wastewater in a manner that protects public safety and the environment. This innovative approach sets MSR Solutions apart from all the others. It makes us the firm of choice for land development clients. Especially those looking to maximize the potential of their projects in locations outside of established municipal sewer service areas.

Balancing Requirements with Functionality and Aesthetics

There were tight space constraints at the Donovan Avenue strata site. MSR Solutions provided a system layout which carefully balanced the technical requirements of the wastewater system with the functional and aesthetic considerations of the strata residents. The onsite wastewater treatment and disposal system is now installed and successfully commissioned. Construction on housing unit is now proceeding. The design includes provisions for future decommissioning as well as connection to the municipal sewer system.

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