Countryside Village

Countryside Village

Wastewater Upgrades

This is an ongoing project in Counryside Village in Anmore, BC. It is located in the Lower Mainland, between the Indian Arm of the Burrard Inlet and the City of Coquitlam.

MSR Solutions analyzed influent flows for a wastewater treatment system serving 26 homes and a convenience store. We then forecasted future flows for increased development of the existing lots. Based on the analysis, we recommended upgrades to Countryside Village to ensure continued treatment performance while allowing increased flows through the system. The upgrades included flow measurement, equalization storage, UV disinfection, and disposal field improvements. MSR Solutions also assisted in coordinating installation and inspecting final works.

Equalization Storage at Countryside Village

Meadowood Community Centre

Meadowood Community Centre

Herold Engineering retained the services of MSR Solutions to design a potable water and a septic system for the Meadowood Community Centre, located in Qualicum Beach, BC. MSR Solutions prepared two filings for Meadowood Community Centre for the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). This was part of MSR Solutions scope of work including: Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) Filing and Source Water Approval with a Construction Permit.

The lot chosen for the new community centre is mostly vacant. It was once used as a gravel pit and only has a small playground on the property. Some of the features the new park will have include areas and equipment for children to play, sheltered picnic tables, natural landscaping and the community centre built with portables from School District 69.

Septic tanks equipped with effluent filters, an equalization tank, and a pressurized disposal field comprise the wastewater treatment system. A well will be drilled on site to supply the facilities with drinking water. In the meantime, a potable water tank, installed and filled by a bulk water hauler approved by VIHA, will be on site.

MSR Solutions conducted a site investigation to determine a suitable the location for the disposal field. We dug five percolation test pits and recorded the percolation rates. The MSR representatives determined the most suitable location for the septic field. MSR completed a full site inspection report with information pertaining to each test pit. The report included where the optimum location where the field should be constructed.

Future Site Investigations Planned

Another site investigation will take place to commission the system once the water and wastewater systems are completed. MSR Solutions continues to communicate closely with the client and the Regional District of Nanaimo to complete the works on time and on budget.

Site plan for Meadowood Community Centre

Soon-to-be home of the Meadowood Community Centre

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Lighthouse Pub

Lighthouse Pub

The Lighthouse Pub Project is located in the heart of Port Renfrew.    Developer, Jack Julseth, of Three Point Properties hired MSR Solutions Inc. for the job. This project encompasses the consolidation of three existing wastewater treatment systems into one. The Renfrew Pub, Seaside Cottages, and Lighthouse Pub will all tie into one system. The Renfrew Pub is where everyone from locals to hikers comes to enjoy a good bite to eat. The Pub has an extensive patio section where people can appreciate the view of Snuggery Cove.

Seaside Cottages

Just next door are the Seaside Cottages. The Seaside Cottages comprise 13 charming cottages that are right on the ocean. The cottages range from two bedroom units to studio units each with a patio to relish in the surrounding nature.

Rebuilding the Pub

The Lighthouse Pub is currently being built after the original pub burned in 2017. The new pub will house a 60 room hostel, and restaurant. It will also serve as a pick up location for outdoor sporting rental equipment. The Lighthouse Pub will be a budget accommodation option for tourist who want to explore all that Port Renfrew has to offer.

Project Filing

This project requires filing the product system under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation as the combined sewage loading exceeds the Sewerage System Regulation. A filing under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation requires extensive research and design to ensure the protection of the community and surrounding environment. An end date for the project is not in view as the project has encountered some complications.

 The MSR members on this project are Mike Seymour (lead engineer), Karl Williaume (project engineer) and Clare Robinson (drafting support).              

This has been a complicated project from the get-go. MSR Solutions has worked hard and continues to work on delivering an economical and robust system.

MSR Solutions developed a new method for a dam demolition which we needed done on a short timeline. We would not have completed the work on time without the interim solution that MSR Solutions provided for us. The Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development accepted the proposal and we were able to complete our project on time.

JP Martin, Three Point Properties

Defiance Creek Dam Demolition

Defiance Creek Dam Demolition

Dam Removal

The Defiance Creek dam demolition plan involved full removal of the dam. MSR Solutions took into consideration the erosion concerns and the limited time window for the demolition works.

MSR Solutions proposed an interim solution to convert the Defiance Creek dam to a compound weir. This would allow for monitoring of debris around the channel. Monitoring of the weir continues until the weir is consolidated to form part of the channel. There is also a possibility of removal the following year (2019).

The construction works for the interim solution were completed successfully in September 2018. The interim approach was fully supported by FLNRORD. The project was completed on time and on budget.

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September 2018

Lodgepole Road

Lodgepole Road

The Lodgepole Road wastewater treatment plant is located in the Stonebridge Development in Mill Bay, BC. MSR Solutions is working with the Limona Group on this project.

MSR is developing and designing a new water system for this project. This water system will provide up to 150 units of water capacity for the future Stonebridge Development on Lodgepole Road.

We continue to work with Limona and the Mill Bay water district. The goal is to create conditions that makes use of smaller wells and smaller flows. These will combine to create development capacity for the entire Stonebridge Development.

Creative Solutions

MSR works closely with Limona to provide creative solutions in water capacity, for Stonebridge, as well as for the entire community of Mill Bay. When this project is complete, it will benefit the Stonebridge subdivision and also allow for the Lodgepole Road development of ten new units. This part of the project should be completed in late 2019.

October 2018

Cherry Point Marina

Cherry Point Marina

Cowichan Bay –  BC

MSR Solutions Inc. has completed a comprehensive study for Cherry Point Marina on possible wastewater treatment servicing options. The marina owner supports the two following options:

Onsite Treatment and Discharge to the CVRD Outfall

This proposed option offers an on-site package treatment plant and off-site disposal using the CVRD outfall. We propose a Class A treatment system for this option. Discharge to water bodies is allowed using the CVRD’s waste discharge authorization, with an amendment application. The connection to the outfall requires approval from the CVRD and MoE.

Influent Disposal to Lambourn WWTP through Neighbouring Property

In this option the marina wastewater treatment servicing is provided by the Lambourn WWTP. It will be via a new forcemain through the neighbouring property to the CVRD’s existing pump station. Approximately half of the forcemain will lie on the neighbouring property. Therefore the proposed forcemain will require support from the neighbouring property owner.