Aspengrove School Athletic Centre

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Analysis and Consultation, news, Wastewater Treatment

Located in Lantzville (BC), Aspengrove School is a private K-12 school, including a pre-school daycare centre. The school is constructing an athletic centre and as the architectural drawing provided by the client show, it will be located within the school lot and will have toilets and showers.

MSR Solutions Inc. is working with the Aspengrove School to review the capacity of the school’s wastewater treatment and disposal systems and provide solutions to accommodate wastewater load from the proposed development. The proposed gym will have eight showers; however, showers are the main potential contributing factor to wastewater flow.

The existing on-site wastewater treatment system at the school was originally designed to accommodate a Daily Design Flow (DDF) of 5,660 Lpd (1,245 Impgd) in 2008 and was upgraded to accommodate a DDF of 22,700 Lpd (5,000 Impgd) in 2010. The existing treatment system will include: one NPS CA20; and six Ecoflo units (6-650B units with peat filtration).

The Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) govern regulations for the existing system. The SSR applies to onsite wastewater treatment systems, including those for houses, schools, small businesses, and similar small community systems.

Scope of Work

The below works are required to be conducted to provide sewer servicing for the Athletic Centre and to keep the DDF under 22,700 Lpd (5,000 Impgd):

  • Installation of low flow showers is a must
  • Installation of a timers system for the showers is strongly recommended
  • Installation of an equalization tank as a balancing storage
  • Installation of an effluent filter
  • Installation of a new lift station to provide timed dosing to the existing treatment system
  • Installation of a UV unit
  • Monitoring works for the existing fields

The proposed improvement was filed with Island Health (VIHA) under BC SSR. At time of writing the project was in the permitting process.

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