Meadowood Community Centre

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Analysis and Consultation, news, Wastewater Treatment | 0 comments

Herold Engineering retained the services of MSR Solutions to design a potable water and a septic system for the Meadowood Community Centre, located in Qualicum Beach, BC. MSR Solutions prepared two filings for Meadowood Community Centre for the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). This was part of MSR Solutions scope of work including: Sewerage System Regulation (SSR) Filing and Source Water Approval with a Construction Permit.

The lot chosen for the new community centre is mostly vacant. It was once used as a gravel pit and only has a small playground on the property. Some of the features the new park will have include areas and equipment for children to play, sheltered picnic tables, natural landscaping and the community centre built with portables from School District 69.

Septic tanks equipped with effluent filters, an equalization tank, and a pressurized disposal field comprise the wastewater treatment system. A well will be drilled on site to supply the facilities with drinking water. In the meantime, a potable water tank, installed and filled by a bulk water hauler approved by VIHA, will be on site.

MSR Solutions conducted a site investigation to determine a suitable the location for the disposal field. We dug five percolation test pits and recorded the percolation rates. The MSR representatives determined the most suitable location for the septic field. MSR completed a full site inspection report with information pertaining to each test pit. The report included where the optimum location where the field should be constructed.

Future Site Investigations Planned

Another site investigation will take place to commission the system once the water and wastewater systems are completed. MSR Solutions continues to communicate closely with the client and the Regional District of Nanaimo to complete the works on time and on budget.