Hamilton, Ontario has a great awareness campaign called “Own Your Throne” that comes complete with some interesting characters.

There’s Richard the Turd, Sir Peeter, and the Duchess of Swirl. They are all there to help educate people on the impact of flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed. (See our blog on the Myth of Flushable Wipes.)

It is worth repeating that the only things that should ever be flushed are the 3Ps: Pee, poop, and paper (proper toilet paper). The city has created three You Tube videos that bring a lighthearted bit of education to homeowners. They’ve even created characters for items you shouldn’t flush.

Watch as Sir Peeter and Richard the Turd battle cotton balls, tampon applicators and dental floss to protect the throne. Then the Duchess of Swirl saves the day by guarding against the so-called flushable baby wipes. In episode three, old man plunger tells the tale of how unflushables cost everyone money.

It’s a fun way to learn about what you can and should not flush down your toilet.

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