CRD Port Renfrew Reservoir – Water Treatment

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Water Treatment | 0 comments

MSR Solutions has been retained by 0793633 BC Ltd. (Port Renfrew RV Resort) and Port Renfrew Management Ltd. to provide engineering services for upgrading the existing water system in accordance with the agreement with PRUSC. Phase 1, which was recently completed, included gifting a new well pump and new booster pumps. Phase 2 will include the twinning of the reservoir plus upgrades to the control system governing operation of the booster pumps.

MSR Solutions has recommended appropriate system upgrades consisting of the following:

• The addition of a Titan Bolted Steel Reservoir with usable capacity of 479.3 m3 (126,618 US gal), providing a combined usable storage volume of 934 m3.
• The addition of a Cla-Val 211-01 Altitude Valve on the reservoir inlet line to prevent overflow of the reservoirs.
• The addition of a Dwyer EDA 100 psi Pressure Controller to provide on/off control of the booster pump based on line pressure.
The gifted upgrades will increase the capacity of the system to the reservoir and enable a minimum of 20 SFE connections to Port Renfrew RV Resort and to Port Renfrew Management Ltd. PRUSC will be approached if the resulting construction costs exceed the proposed gifted value for cost sharing from the Capital Reserve Fund, or Equipment Replacement Fund.

Client: Port Renfrew Management
Location: Port Renfrew RV
Project Manager: Mike Seymour