Septic Awareness Week

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The WCOWMA Onsite Wastewater Management of BC (WCOWMA-BC) reminds all of you that September 16 to 20, 2019 is Septic Awareness Week.

Here is an outline at what to do and what not to do if you have a septic system.

Septic Dos

  • Have a ROWP maintenance provider confirm or develop a maintenance plan specific to your septic system that includes at minimum an annual assessment. This maintenance plan should include as constructed drawings.
  • Have your tank pumped out as recommended by your Maintenance Provider.
  • Have your effluent filter cleaned as needed, approximately every 6 months.
  • Remove sludge in spring rather than fall to avoid loading the tank with undigested solids during cold months.
  • Keep your septic tank cover accessible for inspections and pumping. Install risers if necessary and always keep the tank lid secure.
  • Package treatment plants are maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Know the location of your septic tank or package treatment plant and soils treatment components.
  • Be aware there are required setbacks for the installation of underground sprinklers in the vicinity of septic systems.
  • Watch for any ground settlement that might direct water onto the soils treatment components.
  • Keep the area around the septic tank and dispersal area grassed to promote evaporation and avoid erosion.

Septic Don’ts

  • Do not enter or access a septic tank.
  • Do not use septic tank additives.
  • Do not disinfect, scrub and wash the tank.
  • Do not allow vehicles to drive over, or park on, any septic system components.
  • Do not use a septic field as pens or pastures for animals.
  • Do not plant any trees or shrubs on or near the bed or tanks; their roots can clog pipes.
  • Do not drain downspouts, sump pumps, etc. into the septic system.
  • Do not alter drainage features without consideration for impacts to the dispersal field.
  • Do not build over any septic or soils component or cover it with a hard surface such as asphalt, brick or patio stones.
  • Do not excessively water the lawn over the soils treatment component area.

There’s more great information on the WCOWMA -BC site for Septic Awareness Week.

If you live in the following regions, please be aware they also have public education programs available to homeowners with septic systems. See their websites or contact them directly for more information.

Capital Regional District Septic Savvy

Regional District of Nanaimo SepticSmart

Comox Valley Regional District Septic

Columbia Shuswap Regional District Septic Smart

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