Supporting the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

MSR Solutions is abhorred about the actions of the Russian government with the invasion of Ukraine, and imposing against the rights of Ukrainians to decide their government and actions.

There may not be much we can do as a Canadian engineering firm, however, we can support the efforts of the Red Cross in providing humanitarian assistance to those desperately in need.  We are very fortunate to be in Canada, and have the opportunities and choices.  At MSR we have had the opportunity to support Canadians in need through financial donations to the local Food Banks throughout the year.

In addition, we have felt it our responsibility to contribute to the Canadian Red Cross – Ukrainian Relief Fund, $1,000, which is being matched by the Canadian and British Columbia tax payers.  We are grateful for our freedom and hope this can be a small contribution and a quick ending to this tragedy.

Donate to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal