MSR Team Building Event in Celebration of Mike’s 60th Birthday

by | May 2, 2022 | news, updates | 0 comments

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Our team at MSR had a lovely time celebrating Mike’s 60th Birthday with a fun-filled company team-building event. Needless to say, we were honoured that Mike chose to spend his birthday having fun and playing games with us all.

A special thanks to Iron & Wood Golf Simulators for hosting the party and providing virtual games. The team spent three hours socializing over some friendly competition with great food and drinks provided by 1550 Pub Catering.

The whole team agrees: Zombie Dodgeball took the highest rank as the sweatiest game – those suckers are hard to kill. Luckily, our hard work defeating Zombies was highly rewarded by the delicious cake provided by Cakes Etc. Turtle Cheesecake! Cheezy and adorable!

Special shoutout to Heather, who won the ‘Guess the Number of Jellybeans” (2,760) for a $50 gift certificate from Iron & Wood. Congratulations! – The jellybean jar was part of Mike’s gift from the staff. He’s been asking for these for over a year.

After a day full of fun and games we came together to wind down with an evening socializing at Browns Socialhouse. A lovely time altogether!