FirCrest Water Treatment System

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Fircrest RV Resort retained the services of MSR Solutions to provide recommendation for a water system leading to the design and construction of the facilities and to obtain a Temporary Use Permit or TUP.

Fircrest Lakeside RV Resort lies approximately 7.5 Km northwest of Lac La Hache, BC on Highway 97 North in the Cariboo Regional District. The Resort now consists of a mix of RV sites and cabins for a total of 104 units.

MSR Solutions reviewed the well capacity testing Report by Golder Associates (2009), along with other research reports to support the basis for a design solution. They determined the anticipated average and maximum water demands for sizing of the water system. MSR Solutions reviewed the water quality results and considered treatment options based on past project experience with similar water quality issues.

Meeting Water Quality Guidelines

Fircrest RV Resort proposed to use the original campground as a single water user development for up to 60 seasonal recreational vehicle sites on the old water system. This system consists of 50 mm polyethylene pipe and an operating pressure of about 280 kPa (40 psi). This is different from the current land zoning so FirCrest required a (TUP). As a condition of the TUP, the new water system had to ensure the existing well can meet current Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

MSR Solutions addressed treatment and distribution options at FirCrest in the past. They also received some approvals for a fee simple development with the CRD as owners of the water system. However, due to various constraints within the CRD, MSR Solutions had to delay upgrade plans.

Fircrest Upgrades

MSR Solutions Inc. supplied Fircrest RV Resort suggestions for upgrades to the systems to meet the Canadian drinking water quality objectives and the current microbiological objectives for groundwater in BC. The design of the treatment facilities service an equivalent of 60 RV sites under a TUP.

Water comes from the existing well using the existing well pump. The raw water is then pumped into the treatment building and into the filter area. This area has a nanofiltration package skid mounted system for hardness and TDS reduction.

This is followed by two one-micron poly pleat cartridges in parallel. Two sets of two Viqua SV10 UV modules provide disinfection and cyst removal.

Water entering the storage tank get a chlorine injection provided with level floats. Based on CT calculation, the chlorine solution of 1 mg/L combined with the water must flow into the 3,000 US gal Norwesco vertical storage tank to provide the required contact time to obtain 4-log disinfection of the water.

After the water has achieved 4-log disinfection, an inline booster pump, in conjunction with a pneumatic tank, pressurizes the treated water to the resort. This provides a peak demand of 20 USgpm at 40 psi. The treated water exits the water treatment building connected to the water distribution system. The proposed system achieves or exceeds the current microbiological parameters.

Water Treatment Plant Now Complete

FirCrest Water Treatment System

Fircrest RV reached substantial completion of its water treatment system under Construction Permit No. CP2020-100506. MSR Solutions has requested an Operating Permit.

The water treatment plant is complete and operational. The plant is suitable for winter mode (lower demand) operation. The smaller, indoor storage tank is installed and operational. The large tank has an installation date of April, for use during summer mode (larger demand).

Construction completed by October 22, 2020 and met all permit requirements including adequate horizontal and vertical separations. Water quality results show treated water meets the required guidelines. MSR Solutions will address the connection to the distribution system in the spring of 2021.

FirCrest Water Treatment System