Sooke Business Park Strata Lot 4

A completed project located off Otter Point Road in the Sooke Business Park.

MSR Solutions designed a rainwater collection system to collect rainwater from the roof of a new live/work building and store it for use in concrete precast tanks.  A residential point of use pumping and treatment system was designed for the home.  The storage requirements were calculated to ensure minimal requirement for additional water during the year.  The permitting process required liaison with the Capital Regional District and Island Health to meet all requirements for potability.  The project utilized innovative first flush vortex filtration technology to remove contaminants from the initial runoff.

Osprey Landing, Wardner BC

An advanced secondary treatment system with disposal to Rapid Infiltration Basins was designed and commissioned for an 81 home recreational development in Wardner BC.

After construction of the treatment plant was completed, the development was put on hold. Once the development resumed MSR Solutions provided guidance for reinstating the system, provided commissioning services for the treatment plant and lift stations and secured a filing under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation. A unique aspect of this project was our ability to identify and implement an effective strategy for maximizing the value that could be retained from equipment that had been idle.

Stonebridge Wastewater Treatment

An ongoing project to provide sewer servicing and treatment at a 325 unit housing development in Mill Bay BC.

The project is currently in the design phase and once completed, the treatment plant will provide advanced secondary treatment with reclaimed water use. MSR Solutions has conducted field investigations to assess the condition of existing facilities on site and to obtain baseline water quality data within the watershed as part of an environmental impact assessment to support a Registration under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation. As the development proceeds we will be working with the owners to provide a phased servicing and treatment strategy to fit the financial needs of an expanding development.

Prince Rupert Airport

A project to provide a rainwater harvesting system to meet the potable water needs of the Prince Rupert Airport.

The airport had identified the need to improve upon its current water supply from a lake intake, but alternative water sources were limited due to the airport being located on a small island. MSR Solutions conducted a source analysis and determined that the optimal solution for that particular site is rainwater harvesting, with retention of the existing lake source as an emergency backup. MSR Solutions designed the system for storage, treatment and conveyance of the rainwater as well as an improved treatment process for the lake water source, and obtained a permit through the health authority. Construction of the system is currently in progress with completion anticipated in 2016. A unique aspect of this project is the use of rainwater harvesting within a larger commercial context, in contrast to typical rainwater systems which service single households.