Malahat Forest Estates

Malahat Forest Estates

You’ll find Malahat Forest Estates on a picturesque mountain above the Malahat (HWY 1) on Vancouver Island. The first phase of the development is for 18 homes, three of which are acreages. In total, 84 new homes planned for the development. MSR Solutions was brought in to assist with wastewater treatment and water treatment.

Ownership and operation of the utilities will be by the Cowichan Valley Regional District. (CVRD). The utilities have been commissioned and accepted by CVRD Operations. CVRD Engineering sign off for the removal of a No Build covenant was conditional on commissioning of the water and sewer utilities.

Wastewater Treatment

MSR Solutions reviewed the original design for Malahat Forest Estates and updated the design to include and service the first 18 homes.

  • MSR submitted a Sewerage System Regulation filing for the treatment and disposal system.
  • Supply and delivery of the mechanical components of the Membrane BioReactor (MBR) system was coordinated by MSR Solutions.
  • Three effluent disposal fields were constructed.
  • MSR Solutions conducted field reviews during installation of the treatment plant and disposal fields.
  • MSR Solutions conducted system testing, sensor calibration, and final commissioning.

Water Treatment

  • The water system had been substantially completed in 2014.
  • MSR tested and commissioned the system, including disinfection of the treatment and distribution systems, calibrating sensors, and programming the monitoring system.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

The owners of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Bedwell Sound approached MSR Solutions early in 2018. MSR did an assessment on one of their wastewater treatment system, a rotating biological contactor (RBC). There were several components that were not functioning properly. MSR Solutions identified those and with the site staff, coordinated the procurement of spares and replacement parts. We also assessed their disposal field at that time.

We were then asked to do a complete inspection of the water and wastewater treatment. MSR has completed their preliminary assessment and scheduled to do a more in-depth assessment with the intention to design a  new water treatment and water distribution system.

In addition, there will be upgrading to two wastewater treatment systems, one for staff and one for guests.

There are two wells on site at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, which is located near Tofino, BC. Only one is being used at the moment. They are in a gravel, unconfined aquifer which is groundwater under the direct influence of surface water (GWUDI).

The water is moderately hard and the well pumps to a reservoir on a hill above the facility. Then gravity feeds the water distribution system to both staff and guest accommodation. We are proposing a water treatment system that involves filtration down to one micron and disinfection. We will be including cartridge filtration, UV disinfection, and residual chlorination.

This is an ongoing project with a completion date set for mid 2019.


Pete’s Lake Service Community

Pete’s Lake Service Community

The Pete’s Lake project is for 70 water connections for approximately 400 residents. They have no central power source and are somewhat isolated. This low density development area can only be accessed by passenger ferry. Their current water system is inexpensive; but not without its own set of problems. MSR Solutions was brought in to discuss upgrading the system with an eye on long term usage.

The residents of Pete’s Lake have been faced with a long standing boil water advisory and there is some controversy over the use of chlorine. Their original system was gravity fed and much of it is on private property with no easement. Difficulties arose with above ground pipes freezing in the winter, overheating in the summer, and being damaged by falling trees.

MSR Solutions proposed an anchored intake pipe. We also suggested to retain the current system for irrigation and fire suppression; with protection from freezing temperatures.

MSR Solutions is currently looking for the best approach to freeze-proof the existing system. Funding still needs to be determined as well as formal Society and VIHA approval. Several upgrades were proposed including rainwater collection, private wells, a UF package plant and a conventional water plant, as stand alone and as dual distribution.

Lodgepole Road

Lodgepole Road

The Lodgepole Road wastewater treatment plant is located in the Stonebridge Development in Mill Bay, BC. MSR Solutions is working with the Limona Group on this project.

MSR is developing and designing a new water system for this project. This water system will provide up to 150 units of water capacity for the future Stonebridge Development on Lodgepole Road.

We continue to work with Limona and the Mill Bay water district. The goal is to create conditions that makes use of smaller wells and smaller flows. These will combine to create development capacity for the entire Stonebridge Development.

Creative Solutions

MSR works closely with Limona to provide creative solutions in water capacity, for Stonebridge, as well as for the entire community of Mill Bay. When this project is complete, it will benefit the Stonebridge subdivision and also allow for the Lodgepole Road development of ten new units. This part of the project should be completed in late 2019.

October 2018

Millstream Industrial Park

Millstream Industrial Park

Multiple Projects

Millstream Industrial Park is a business and industrial complex located at the border of Langford and Millstream, BC on Millstream Road. MSR Solutions Inc. has been involved in various civil engineering projects in Millstream Industrial Park since 2014. The projects includes a wide range of topics.

MSR Solutions assisted with storm water management. MSR create flow structure design and construction admiration for Pond #1 as well as a flood analysis for Pond #2. Watermain expansion was one of the projects where we supplied design and construction administration.

The Millstream Industrial Park also need cross control locations at various locations on the site. MSR Solutions worked with the developer to achieve this. Storm water quality analysis and management was also needed on various locations throughout the site and included oil/water separators assessment as well as improvements

This is an ongoing project that MSR Solutions is proud to be a part of.


MSR has been our project engineer of choice since the early stages of the Millstream Industrial Park water line development. They helped ensure we were compliant with local bylaws and CRD Water standards in order to bring our private domestic water distribution system into our 70 acre industrial park. This private water system supplies domestic water to our clients. In addition, they’ve also engineered drainage and fire protection systems.
Working with MSR Solutions makes my job easier. They are readily available to discuss our current upgrades and needs. Everyone at MSR is friendly, professional and they give prompt service, which is very important in my industry. I highly recommend working with them.

Andy Wells – President – Millstream Industrial Park


Mara Sands Water Treatment

Mara Sands Water Treatment

Mara Sands Water Treatment Plant

MSR Solutions accepted the task of designing a water treatment system for a 19-home vacation strata next to Mara Lake. Mara Sands water treatment gets its water from a groundwater well that provides water to the strata. It was found to be susceptible to contamination from surface water.

MSR Solutions completed a detailed design of a treatment system and applied for a construction permit from Interior Health. We have all of the required permits and approvals to construct the treatment system and secured trades and equipment. Construction activities on the water treatment and distribution system were initiated and monitored by MSR Solutions.

Everyone involved at MSR Solutions pulled together as a team and overcame many obstacles. It was a pleasure working with this client and we hope to work with them again in the future. Here is an email we received from our client.

It been has a long four years, but the Mara Sands Water Treatment Project is nearing completion.  As we were preparing our “close-out report” to be delivered at our Annual General Meeting tomorrow, we reflected multiple times about how lucky we were in connecting with MSR Solutions.

In addition to your firm’s technical strength — which became evident very early on in our relationship with you — we’ve been struck by a number of other outstanding qualities:

1) Customer communications

We’ve had a number of your staff who have been “on point” for our file. We’ve been consistently impressed with every one of our contact’s listening skills, and their ability to translate our needs and concerns into helpful strategies that have been clearly and concisely communicated.

2) Regulator management

Particularly during the review of our application by Interior Health, we were very impressed with our contact’s responsiveness and the respectfulness they demonstrated in their communications with the regulator.

3) Change management

Even though we had several contacts over the four years, we never felt any burden in terms of bringing a new contact up to speed on our file. You’ve obviously mastered the ability to transfer “institutional knowledge” from one project manager to the next.

4) Resiliency

Particularly during project construction, your staff’s resiliency was evident. As you know, we had a number of problems during trenching, which had regrettable impacts on project schedule. We could guess that this delay created difficulties for your firm with respect to other jobs. Despite this, your staff continued to serve us with the professionalism, courtesy and responsiveness we’d come to expect.

Those are the “big four” and we could list many more. The bottom line is MSR Solutions provided outstanding service throughout all phases of our project, and we’re proud to have been associated with them.

We are also thrilled with Kevin Fokkens, the project manager assigned to our file over the last year. Kevin was an absolute delight to deal with, and is a poster-example of all the qualities we highlighted above. It is clear that he will have a fine career in front of him.

Ken McGregor, PEng and Sue McGregor, PEng, APEGA Lifetime Members